AC Inc. | Setting up functioning mob spawner services!

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by AlexChance, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    UPDATE: Kinda low on time atm. Still learning blaze spawner stuff.
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  2. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    UPDATE: These things are actually bumps.. kinda.
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  3. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    Can I please use this? Like do the same thing your doing? Please!
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  4. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    He is as legit as it is when your digging down and find stone. Because you never get tricked into finding stone!
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  5. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

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  6. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    He steals it anyway, names it XPGrinder Inc.

    Lost my respect, banned from all my res's.
  7. S_R_L_B Well-Known Member

    What is the point of asking for permission then when the person says no they still take the idea. Wow. Just wow.
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  8. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    Indeed. :/
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  9. MuffinCraft15 Well-Known Member

    Alex is very trusted, if you wanna see how good his grinders work just check his TEXP ;)
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  10. RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 Prominent Member

    you will not get ripped off i paid for a fix up of a skele spawner from him, i made the money back on my first enchantment which was within 2 hours of starting, also making more money now :p :) trust him as well
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  11. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    UPDATE: Deciding whether or not to continue the business - mrsmiley99 pretty much wrecked it.
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  12. Brennian Prominent Member

  13. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    Alex, don't give up just because of that. You are always going to face obstacles and competition in life, and this is just like that. You just need to find a way to create a competitive advantage over people doing a similar thing. What makes your business stand out and over others? Think of your qualities and skills and boast those to people who ask. People want someone who is trustworthy and professional. Please don't post on that thread again, and show them you are the bigger person who can rise up to any challenge you encounter.
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  14. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    Lol yeah but.. his prices are like a quarter mine so I'm a bit screwed. When I started this, THAT was what I was afraid of.
  15. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    Maybe just lower your prices a little bit, promote 'price = quality', enforce the idea of how quickly they will earn back the money spent and encourage people to read the testimonials of those saying how good/trustworthy you are.
  16. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    My prices are calculated - they reflect how much money I lose from my mall when out grinder-making, I can't lower them. I already say that they will make it back, but I ask them to read my references, thanks Hayley. Still possibly the worst week of my life :s

    *EDIT* You like this. -.-
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  17. AlexChance YouTube Team Leader

    UPDATE: Not closing, edited post with more detailed information.
  18. hayleycolgan Prominent Member

    I liked that because you were acknowledging my help :)
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  19. RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 Prominent Member

    alex well I'm with you on this because i know i can trust you and i know that those prices will be earned back. all you have to do is continue this. smiley- that was wrong copying alex's idea, i hope you go broke and your business does not work very well and alex's will work the best. -RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 |:p
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  20. RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 Prominent Member

    i have had a spawner made aswell by him and he is legit :p
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