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  1. Hey! No, no, this is Zombieslayer010, NOT Terminator908. I got in a password jargin.. And well here I am. I will be using this account for the site for a few weeks or months, until I get this figured out.. Anyways. I'll be digging residences out!

    1 layer, No Obstacles = 1500r
    1 layer, W/ Obstacles = 1750r
    That Means..
    5 Layers No Obstacle = 7500r
    5 Layers W/ Obstacle = 8750r
    For A full res dig,
    64 Layers, No obstacles = 96,000r (Plus 250r Each layer with an Obstacle)
    I will supply the tools, and I will not save the dirt. Contact me Via this thread

    Also, Floor replacements, are 1700r a layer
  2. What's a password jargin? And what are "obstacles?"
  3. Well I can't get my password for EMC.
    And obstacle are things I have to put up with (Like underground structures I must destroy).. When I get a look at your res I can calculate the price.
  4. You can do something like /forumpass or something in-game to find your password now :)
  5. Do you offer floor replacements? (Example, you dig up a layer and then place lapis for a floor)
  6. Sure, lemme add that in
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  7. Don't have a saved password.
  8. I... what
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  9. It says, "No saved password"
  10. Can you go to my res 860 to survey a price? Floor replacement outside of the fenced box
  11. About 1200r for that layer. That it?
  12. You know senior staff offers a world edit clearance of a residence's dirt for 60k?
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  13. Dang, I'll lower the price.
    Full Res: 50,000r
  14. senor staff can get rid of all the dirt at your res for 60k. 1500r a layer is a ton more than 60k for the whole thing
  15. Well then I'm out of business, screw this.
  16. You don't have to quit over it, just make your prices more realistic. I'm able to generally hire people for 30,000r to clear a full residence.
  17. Alright then, I gotta get some rupees for the drop party