Zombies not burning in broad daylight?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. I've had several Zombies decide to try their luck against both myself and the sun, and due to them not bursting into flames, I've had to hack 'em down.

    Anyone else finding Zombies not burning in broad daylight out of any form of cover?
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  2. Yes, I've had the same thing happen a couple times recently
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  3. I've been seeing this the last few days too -- not only zombies/skeletons not burning in daylight, but swarms of mobs actually spawning all around me during the day, as if it were nighttime.
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  4. Can't reproduce this bug on EMC. I'm going to assume that you know they don't burn when it's raining/snowing? :p

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  5. What is the texture pack that u r using in this screenshot?
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  6. Faithful 32x :)
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  7. I might have run into this yesterday,,, not sure... Except it wasn't on empire
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  8. Yup, and it was neither. :D
    I'll see if it happens again today.
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  9. Here are a couple shots I took the other day, when mobs were spawning around me in daylight as well as not burning. They're a little hard to see because I was trying to keep my distance and not get swarmed by them all, but there's a skeleton in the first and a zombie in the second that kind of blends into the grass; both were exposed to full daylight above. Both of them, plus the creeper and spider in the second pic, spawned around me while I was exploring during the day.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
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  10. So neither of them had only just come out of water/shaded areas?
    Was this on EMC?

    I'll keep trying to reproduce this but no luck the first time. :)
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  11. Speaking of which, Skeletons are spawning in broad daylight. Don't think that's meant to happen?

    Edit: Plus Zombies, I've just watched one spawn right in front of me in the middle of open ground.
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  12. Just went around the wild during day, and no mobs showed up on radar

    also spawned a zombie and it burned.

    im guessing this is simply the same old "Minecrafts lighting code sucks" and your chunks had bad lighting data.

    Stand around for a bit and it should fix it self, as players are randomly selected 20 times a second to have their area regenerated for lighting data.
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  13. No, they had both just spawned out of thin air in broad daylight while I was exploring, so these chunks were also recently newly generated. Dunno if that makes them more or less likely to have the "bad lighting data" issue.

    Aikar, do you know where the bad lighting data comes from? Is it something that just randomly happens to existing chunks and then lasts until they're updated again from a nearby player, or is it like old chunks have leftover bad lighting data from an earlier server version that had this bug? Or newly generated chunks that sometimes start with bad data until updated?
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  14. how did you get radar to work?
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  15. Super Powers
  16. can i get the real answer lol? :p
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  17. It is the real answer. You didn't know Aikar is magically?
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  18. Only administrators (snr. staff?) may/can use radar from the minimap. :)
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  19. This is a private server, not EMC, but it just happened to me :D
    The one zombie is all "Hey, what's up?" while his buddy over there burns...