ZombieMart - Muti smp franchise

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  1. Alright I have started on a shop franchise, kinda like Target or Walmart, those IRL megastore franchises. My plan is to have on MEGASTORE on every smp, including utopia. I will run a shop on smp7, since thats my main/only smp I use. I hope to get in contact with a Diamond Supporter, but NOT a Gold Supporter. I can't make this possible with out donations. I am friends with a Diamond Supporter, but he doesn't want to be a utopian. The cut for sellers will be all but 25% of the profits from my branches. If your feel nice, you should donate another 10% of your profits to building and all that other stuff. My res on smp7 has a main building filled with other portals - but will probably be taken away due competing shops. I figure that if I take a slow approach into this, we/I can make a good business. I will check in everyday with the other shops. Since each shop will be individually owned, the owner should be making a good amount of money. Click here for the status updated every 24hours. Here is my progress:

    Smp1: Shop Needed
    Smp2: Shop Needed
    Smp3: Shop Being built
    Smp4: Shop Needed
    Smp5: Shop Being built
    Smp6: Shop Needed
    Smp7: Shop Being built
    Utopia: Shop Being built
  2. Even though I'm a gold member I have a castle that I'm building that I could have a space for the franchise in pls contact me
  3. ya sure check out the link here and select what you want to sell. Choose anything. BTW: what server are you on?
  4. Im on smp3
  5. Il sell all the redstone stuff plus cobble and dirt and nether rack
  6. whats ur server?
  7. ILL DO SMP5
  8. I'll wait for bobalek.
  9. Nvm I'll update the main post on this thread.
  10. smp3 i am om smp3
  11. Ill do SMP6 if you at least consider changing the name to MineMart

    I deal in farming supplies: Seed and product of melon, cactus, wheat, pumpkin, and I deal in red mush and jungle saps.
  12. Tell me if you would like to sell something not on the list. Or you can PM me on my profile. I will create a google spreadsheet for all statuses and ranks.
  13. Did u see mine above?
  14. smp5 ill do it
  15. I'll add you, but the name IS ZombieMart. I've already finalized it.
  16. whos doing smp5
  17. Bobalek: smp3
    tclementi1: smp5
    1Achmed1: smp7
    YOU12MAEC/me: utopia
  18. yeahhhhh i get smp5
    so how does the franchise work
  19. It works like this: 25% of your daily profits go to me, you keep 75%. Staff, such as the collectors will be paid on my own money, not yours. collectors are like the mods, they help me rum this thing. If I'm not online for a day, collectors will collect my pay from you. I return, every month I will give each of the sellers 50% of what they paid me everyday. I will collect my share every week on saturday or Sunday.
  20. what if we aint on when they collect or if we dont make alot of sale