Zombie Pigman in the Normal World!

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  1. I was out in the wild during a storm, and guess what I came across:

    Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 7.49.36 PM.png

    First time I've ever seen one in the normal world! A few seconds late, another one was created. I tried to catch him as a pet, but he disappeared soon after the storm stopped... (de-spawned? Burnt? Other cause?)

    For those who came in late: Pigmen are created naturally when lightning strikes a pig, a pretty rare event as far as I know. They're probably the most rare normal world mob, right beside spider jockeys and slime.

    Has anyone else ever come across them?
  2. I was stuck by lightning in my farm while feeding my animals.. It killed most of my cows and hit one of my pigs and it turned into the pigman.. I didn't know it was my pig and killed it, it left me its golden sword though.. :3
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  3. Yeah me and my friend were at our base logging some trees when a brutal storm started. We made a small cosy hut and decided to wait it out. After almost 11 minutes of wait out hut started to burn down. When We ran to another cover we passed many pigmen wondering around. I think I counted like 7 pigmen wondering around
  4. Sweet - rare drop! All I got was a nugget.
  5. Actually.. I would consider a charged creeper to be the most rare normal world mob. Not only do they not exist anywhere else but they have to be struck by lighting to be created. Zombie pigmen are natural in nether so they aren't that rare. Even though they can be created by striking a pig with lighting.

    You rarely see a charged creeper and a charged creeper is much more scary when its coming at you and can do twice as much damage when it blows up.
  6. I have actually never seen a charged creeper... Must be very rare
  7. They are extremely rare and can cause twice as much damage when they explode. They look awesome though. They have like electricity flowing around them after they have been struck.

    I am still trying to find out a good use for them other then to help dig big holes. Since I know how to make them.
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  8. Spider Jockey
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  9. I have seen like 15, and to tell if a creeper is supercharged, it has like a blue shield-looking "aura" circling around it.

    Advice: DONT HUG IT
  10. Pm me how to make them ;) I wanna see one and maybe have some fun
  11. It takes a lot of work and the guy who original made it spent I think a few days before it finally paid off. But I saw it and it was cool. I don't think even he has an idea what hes going to do with them. I will ask him again soon.
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  12. That is very interesting. Were you on EMC or singleplayer?
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  13. Once I saw a charged creeper on EMC, it was right after the 1.2 update when storms where pretty common over here
  14. I saw my first charged creeper back in 1.7.3. I used SinglePlayerCommands to spawn it. Ah, the noob days...
  15. Consider yourself lucky. I've seen quite a few during thunderstorms on SMP1. There is a village way out in the middle of nowhere, and we went to explore. It started to rain, took refuge in one of the houses. It looked like it stopped raining, I stepped outside, walked around the building and BOOM...charged creeper got me. I turned just in time to see him & he exploded. No time to run, hit him or try to defend myself. He killed me :(
    I respawned, ran back to the village, got all my stuff and we set out for home. Ended up taking refuge in a tree because of another storm and saw 3 or 4 more wandering the ground beneath us. Tree lit on fire because of lightning, we jumped down and ran like heck to avoid them. They're the one enemy I have no issue running from :D

    Never seen a pigman in the wild on EMC, seen them on single player though.

    Has anyone else gotten any enchanted stuff off skeletons? I got a Power I enchanted bow from one that I killed recently in the wild on Utopia.
  16. Yeah, skeletons drop bows as a rare drop, occasionally they're Power I, but nothing more.