Zombi Army!!!

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  1. Once upon a time tomi ate Aphaea Brain
    Then Aphy became a zombi as well
    One day Aphy and Tomi decided to create a Zombi Army
    Now they decided to take over the world Mwahahaha
    So that one day Aphy and Tomi can sit back and Enjoy there Creation
    This is how it goes if aphy or tomi go up to you and eat your brain they ask
    That you join our Zombi Army maybe change your skin!!!
    Thank you Aphaea & t95
  2. Ill join your devious plan >:3, DETHRONE SAMSIMX!
  3. First Second
  4. Just one thing... I don't know how to edit my skin...
  5. i guess cake zombies would be cool
  6. They are awesome you should see my new skin.
  7. Zombie army vs Duck (ItsMeMatheus) army.......

    Which side will win?!? :p
  9. I guess Zombi Kat has already joined :p
  10. No we aren't going agents any army it's just a fun little thing. We eat your brain you become a zombi you can even be a duck army. Lol hehehe
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  11. :mad:, what? Samsimx and Momo must be overthrown by zombi's!
  12. The Stone Slab Order knew this day would come.
  13. Hmmm... I suppose that if the brains are seasoned properly, they'd be delicious enough to warrant the downfall of the human race. I put vanilla ice cream on top of the ones I eat (after adding special herbs and cooking them slowly, of course) to increase the goodness level. :)
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  14. My brain is made of cake so the virus wont work on me or will it >.>?
  15. Oh it will drmadefate
  16. Nope maybe have a little effect thats it
  17. then why did your eyes turn green like your a zombi behind your mask so it did effect you