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  1. Zikko's NewsPaper
    What is this?
    This is a in game NewsPaper, that writes about shops/malls and services. It always has a page with events. We will always have a page about real life situations like MH-370 etc.

    I want one, how can I get one?
    Thats easy here is how it will be:

    Go to /v 707 and buy a NewsPaper all books cost 500r-1k

    If you want to have more options like more pages or signed by me just pm me :)

    How do you get the shops/events and services
    Thats easy, If you want to be entered in Zikko's NewsPaper pay 2k for if you only want to be in one series and if you want to be in 10 pay 15k. But if you really really need advertising then pay me 25k and you will be in Zikko's NewsPaper for the rest of Emc History(If you get banned or deflect I will delete you from the new books. Fill in this form to enter :

    How long It running:
    General Info. : (What does it sell, how much the build costs etc.)
    Location: (smp and res number or tags)

    If you want to be entered in the player events send via pm this:
    Time & Place:
    General Info. : (What type of event, How much did the build cost etc.)

    If you want to be enter in the services via. pm write this:

    General Info. : (What does it do etc.)
    How long in business:

    General Info about 911:

    The Book will be 10-20 pages long. We will always have a page that rights about real life situations. Like MH-370 etc. So all players are some how informed about real life.

    20th August 2015 (first copy of Zikko's NewsPaper)
    3rd September 2015
    17th September 2015


    God_of_Gods: Gave me the idea of free sunscribtion
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  2. Eternal Subscription:


    King & Queen:

  3. First! :D
    Me wants to {has no clue how to subscribe}
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  4. Premium?
  5. Just saying, black on grey, very hard to read.
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  6. Hmm.... king&queen thingy
  7. Changed Color
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  8. Pay and you subsribe (8k)
  9. Payment received
  10. BUMP Need more entries
  11. BUMP Got a new subscriber: Kytula
  12. Dark red on Gray very hard to read still :p
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  13. Color Changes have been made
  14. Player: boozle628 (TeleportEntry post name changes)
    Premium/Eternal sub

    I will pay in a moment. ;)
  15. im really confused how much things costs and what is what. If you could explain this more it would be great
  16. Boozle628 payment has been received :)
  17. What do you need help with?
  18. like what costs how much and what is in each package
  19. Runningrhino Payment received
  20. ok, hate to do it, but... is the king & queen 6500, or 8000?
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