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Would you like a build from Zikko?

YES 7 vote(s) 36.8%
NO 12 vote(s) 63.2%

    Are you tired of all those expensive build services. Well now ZIKKO VS. BRANDTITUS Offers any type of structure even landscaping built. Zikko will always sketch the build first or build it in creative on single player so you always know that you will get the best quality. Send Zikko a PM of Interested in a building built and always include Rainbowman12 in the convocation. Zikko has a experience of over 4 years on Minecraft. Zikko has one build still in progress at /v 202 and a smaller fixer upper (Didn't do the structure only the inside part) at 2352 (More Builds coming soon). Prices:

    5*5 to 25*25

    Medium: 50k-125k
    25*25 to 45*45

    Large: 125k-200k
    45*45 to 60*60

    City: 200k-300k
    60*60 to 240*240

    We will negotiate the price and if Zikko supplies.

    <Site Will come soon>

    <Thanks to Beacon171 for letting me use this account I have forgotten my forum pass and thats why I am using this account, all builds will still be made from Zikko>
    See you at the building site :rolleyes:
    :rolleyes: Images of Builds will be added
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  3. You can type the command /forumpass in-game to see what your password is.
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  4. I believe Zikko left EMC...
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  5. No when I was banned I realized how important EMC was to me (Zikko talking)
  6. Not working already tried ;)
  7. May wanna change your company name from BUILD.COM to something that isn't already a real life business.
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  8. Thanks changed it to BROTHER VS. BROTHER
  9. And that is a TV show lol ;)
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  10. Lol I will change it then again
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  11. Changed it now officially :D (Zikko talking)
  12. ZIKKO VS. BRANDTITUS is the title
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  13. Those prices though.
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  14. Prices dropped a lot
  15. And increased size
  16. Here is a BUMP for all those players that need a structure built
  17. Those prices are very premium.. I don't think many people if any would pay that much for a service with no track record. Those are the prices you see for the top builders on EMC with a very proven build history and a developed profile.
  18. Hehe... A 5x5 build for 20k... Must be one nice outhouse :p
  19. Okay thanks I will drop the prices more really thanks for the heads up
  20. ;)