[Zelda's OoT] Temple Of Time

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  1. Temple of Time
    [Smp5 10008]

    I give you the Temple of Time from
    Zelda Ocarina of Time
    made by Dwight5273 & OrigamiJoe
    Front of the Temple
    The Entrance into the Temple
    Spiritual stones and the Ocarina of Time
    Chamber of the Master Sword
    Top View of Chamber of Master Sword
    Chamber of Sages
    Fairy Fountain
    Hidden Room
    Sorry I don't have wall of text explaining the reason making the Temple of Time. Just big Fan and want show my work.
    Here's a Album:
  2. Fanceeeee.
  3. My Zelda senses are tingling.
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  4. Thats really cool! :D Great work! :D
  5. The build is mostly done at this point but will be small improvements where I can do it. To check out other Zelda inspired Res's you can go to Lasluin's Lon Lon Ranch and The Lumpy Pumpkind at 1919 on smp1. Another one is Deathtomb8953's Lost Woods Maze on smp9.
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  6. Wheres the outside details ;D? And some more scenery up front?
  7. isnt this what your for? just kidding xD
  8. This build is going off a picture and memory of Joe & I of Temple of Time. Not very much goes on outside the Temple it's the reason why I put extra rooms on the res aka Fairy Fountain and Hidden room which you find on the res if want to see them. I will post a picture we used later today not near my computer Atm.
  9. I'm not gonna hate on his style, It's just that I'd have done it differently :D More materials and less blockish on the outside xD
  10. i repeat my previous statement. where you been anyway? haven't heard from you in months.
  11. Different styles most likely but this is a Homage to the Temple of Time from OoT so we tried very hard to keep it closes to the original design from one of best N64 games and one of best all times.
  12. you did a pretty good job :) im not that much of a zelda fan, though from what i know, its looks great.
  13. http://zeldawiki.org/Temple_of_Time

    Closest to the original:
    You're missing the windows in the towers
    The lines on the front wall
    The Pillars higher up on the front wall ;D

    And Just stonebrick is quite ugly, makes it look like a huge concrete box.
  14. Like I said we tried to make it as closes as we could without changing up the whole design entirely and remember this is on 60x60 res and not half blocks on Minecraft couldn't really get everything right.

    Also because you think stone brick is ugly block doesn't mean others players like to look of it. In this build Stone brick is perfect block because of Time Period it's representing.
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  15. it depends on the texturepack tbh, we all wish MC had microblocks right? xD
  16. So awesome! I like that you guys took the time to build it instead of just schematica-ing the whole thing in :D
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  17. if you think stone brick is ugly, you are using a poo texture pack
  18. Found this little guy running around my attic.....I don't dare to hit him in fear of getting attack by a swarm of Cocco's
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