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  1. Hai

    I've been uploading youtube videos for roughly about 2 years now, and I've constantly had this problem with my minecraft videos. I almost always have black bars on my videos. If you need to see an example, here you go.

    I use fraps for recording, and either I can use Vegas 12, Camtasia Studio, or Windows Movie Maker of course.

    I CAN make my videos not have black bars, but this requires for the screen to be stretched, and leaving somewhat of an eyesore.

    If anyone has a solution to this, please tell me! Thanks!
  2. What is your screen resolution?
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  3. ehm, how can I check?
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  5. 1280x1024 on both. (I has 2 monitors)
  6. Is that the combined resolution or the resolution of each?
    Standard 1080p is 1920x1080. You can use magic launcher to set a custom resolution for Minecraft, I think.
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  7. I think it's for both screens, not 100% sure. But uh, is the higher the resolution the less black bars?

    (This was posted on my phone)
  8. You're recording a 1920x1080 with fraps while playing at1280x1024. Try upping your in game resolution or the recording resolution in fraps
    Edit: that or when you render the video set it to the video resolution, your editor may be causing the black bars as well.
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  9. hmm, it's definitely not my video editor adding the black bars, because all of my video editors each create it.. So any idea how to actually up the in-game resolution? I don't see anyway how to do so in FRAPS...
  10. My recommendation is to get a 16:9 screen(I have a 1600x900) and record minecraft full screen on that, since 1080p is a 16:9 ratio. I am not really sure if you can fix it with the dimension screen that you have. How old is the screen? Do you have a link to a purchasing page that can give more details?
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  11. I'll look more into it when i get home :)
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  12. If you use Magic Launcher, change your resolution to 1280x720 or 1920x1080, whichever works better. Like Nick said, it should be a 16:9 ratio between width and height. If you're not using Magic Launcher, just stretch the screen into a 16:9 rectangle and use trial and error, I guess.
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  13. Not sure much about my screens; my dad just let me use these...
    Giving that a try right now.. ^.^
  14. You can also do it if you don't use magic launcher, go into options and config it. It should be greyed out but you can uncheck a box so you can edit it.
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  15. *idea*
    one option on the less techy-techy side, size your minecraft window to a 16:9 ratio :p
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  16. I'm assuming I have to go to the profile set-up, go to the advanced tab, and change the resolution there? If so, my game crashes, well, something like the sort.
    I'll give this a try.. But uh, where should I find this greyed out thing?
  17. Resolution.PNG
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  18. in the launcher click the edit profile button in the bottom left:
    change your resolution so that it looks something like this: (the ratio must be 16x9 or you will have black bars)
    when recording keep the game in windowed mode and do not maximize it. try a test recording with this resolution and see if it removes the bars :)
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  19. Thanks guys! It worked awesomly! I'm a little sad that I won't be able to record it maximized; I'm assuming there's no way around that though. Thanks again! ^.^

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  20. I dont think recording in windowed mode hurts in Youtube, and also, hit the maximize button in the top right or it will look a bit wierd :p
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