Youtube Or instagram?!

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Youtube or Instagram?

Youtube 26 vote(s) 89.7%
Instagram 14 vote(s) 48.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Heya guys and the weekly poll for the week is.......

    Youtube or Instagram?

    Select your chose, and see who wins!
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  2. I would personally say, Youtube ;)
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  3. those are two completely different websites
  4. thats why i voted for both duh
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  5. Does it matter? :) Just my 1st weekly poll
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  6. agreed. Other than the fact that you can also upload video to instagram, these are different websites for totally different purposes. Its like voting for apples or oranges. Either, both, or neither.
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  7. Bananas or go home
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  8. Guys, please, its just a poll :confused:
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  9. Sorry luckylollie, looks like you opened a can of worm with this one.

    But...but...I don't like bananas.
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  10. . . .

    Don't take it so seriously, its only a matter of which you like better.

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  11. I've never used instagram:confused: Check our my youtube channel!:D
  12. INSTAGRAM :D. Some would say that I'm even... Instagram famous ;)
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  13. Instagram! I'm kinda famous (jk) but I have a lot of followers. It's quite easy to figure out how to manipulate Instagram settings and features ;) my username if you get Instagram is: jpgamer1000
  14. He is correct. I do both. There incredibly fun, except, they're both different websites, so technically, I choose both.
  15. Yes, It is just a poll, you're right. Except, where just giving our opinions, nothing to get all upset about.
  16. Instagram, might soon have one just for llamas :D

    But as stated, they are both very different websites.