Your worst Minecraft experience

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  1. *holds flashlight under face*
    It was a dark and stormy night, and I was in a strange and unfamiliar world. I had just finished a extremely productive day of mining, when I realized that I had no map to lead me home. Aimless, I used my compass to head back to my original spawn (It was nowhere near my home, but it was a start.). Having reached it, I began to trek northeast, as I recalled my home may be. I hiked until it was once again night fall, and I was almost convinced that I would never see home again. But then, out of the brush, a sheep wandered.
    A sheared sheep.
    I began to run frantically in the direction it came, and as I went more sheared sheep, cut trees and mob traps came into view. And finally, I saw it. My home, a suspended wooden air ship, complete with sails and rocket boosters. Sanctuary. I hopped and jumped over the surrounding hills, not noticing the fall damage I took at every other landing. I was in the final stretch. Only a few dozen meters between me and the ladder. I looked around to make sure nothing was following me.
    And there they were.
    A group of Endermen, at least four or five, were standing together just to my right.

    And my crosshatch crossed over every one of them.

    When I respawned, I had nothing. I quickly tried to run back and reclaim my stuff, but I was killed before I could even get my bearings (I no longer had amour.).For several days after, I searched for my home. On the third day, I realized that I would never find it again. I walked north, and never returned.

    So there. My worst experience. I didn't play for a month after that happened. I lost a ton of diamonds, several music disks, I even had a golden apple ;-;

    So, dear citizens, I ask you: What is the worst experience you've ever had playing Minecraft?
  2. Nothing nearly as worse as yours. Use a map viewer to look at your world and find your home if you really need it that badly! :p
  3. This one time...I tried a server that wasn't EMC.

  4. The very thought...
  5. Now there's a thought :eek:
  6. 3 Stacks Of Glowstone. Died on my way back to Nether spawn D':<
  7. realizing that last page of enchantments had a 50 in it...
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  8. My first mc minutes in night xD
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  9. i have lost tons of things in lava or to monsters, but nothing like this....
  10. I typed in a seed that spawned me in lava, when I fanaily magedge to get out i was biluding my house after geting a goldenapple from a dugon, a creeper killed me and i had no home bed. the worst part was i forrgot how i got out of the lava. P.S. If you use the minimap mod you can find you house again easier and then set a waypoint there.:D
  11. Lost 3 stacks of diamonds to a Creeper. (With a TLoZ texture pack to boot, as Creepers looked like Na'vi before exploding...)
  12. I have a flashight story too *Flicks flashlight on*:

    One day, while Multiplayer was down to some Minecraft clean after the update... I was bored... So bored.. So very bored.... So I played singleplayer. I had my normal world, mad sad messed up lonely world... But no, I had to start a new beginning, run away from my past single-player expericiences, for they were just the dreams of an ametuer... I decided to do Hardcore, I spawned in the middle of the woods, I was exited. I liked the fact that you could only live once, that is until the incedent happened. *DUN DUN DUN!* I build a strong base, It was underground. It had a seemingly complex maze of tunnels, it was good, no, it was perfect. I had many various items. I couldn't believe how much I had accomplished in such little time. I was proud.
    When nightfall came again, I was ready, I even had a mine built in my base. I was digging down, down, down. I was digging down and I heard noises noises that surrounded me, the thing was. I had not known where the noises were from.. I dug to try to escape them, to save what I had.
    Then suddenly, I fall 10 blocks down into a cave with a click of the mouse on my shining pickaxe. There were 2 or 3 creepers, 5 spiders, a few endermen, and 5 skeletons, all chasing me. I dug down and hid, I was freaking out!!!! My volume was on about a 10th of what it is capable of. But I swear, on that night, I heard the loudest noise I had ever heard on my computer in years. "BOOM!!!!!!!" I died, it was over. All with a little. "Boom" Maybe a hiss from a spider, a clank of a skeleton bone, a moan from some zombies. I dreaded click the respawn button. I sat there, staring at my computer, my heart almost out of my chest. It was over......

    In loving memory of my singleplayer career. *Sniff*
  13. Mmm Lets see...* Thinking for 10 seconds * Well. it was my first night at a multiplayer server. ( Smp2 ) :) I went mining with sum stranger named.. ( It was too long ago that i dont remember ) And i was mining. Of course there was mobs and dangers and i got hurt. There was a couple of skele chasing me until i found this new cave. and entered it. I looked back thinking i had lost the skeletons as in not seeing them. Then i decided to make more stone picks as i heal my hearts. Just then When i was about to put the items in the table. I was shot. By an arrow. Which had made me died. :p losing 3 stacks of redstone.. and like 50 iron.. sum gold.. and my iron tools the server gave to me when i joined. But now ill just say a happy ending :D, My partner was nearby and grabbed my stuff and saved it :) The end.
  14. I always seem to attract Creepers some how.... that is why I NEVER go into the wilderness without a couple people... I always seem to run into a pack of at least 3-5 creepers + other mobs when I go into the wilderness. Last time I was in the wilderness was almost 2 weeks ago or 1 week ago I forget ( was with JabrZer0
  15. Well that's not too bad, at least it was a happy ending.
  16. I built a redstone contraption.

    then some sheep in a tuxedo fell through the blocks and got stuck inside said contraption.

    Then he crashed the whole thing and spilled it's guts to get out.

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  17. Walking in the nether, on a 1 block wide suspended bridge that has no walls, below it was awesome lava that could save you coal by cooking animals for you. A ghast spawns nearby and fires its fiery ball of flames at my direction. Oblivious to its presence, I continued walking until the path before me crumbles, dropping me into the pit of lava, thus producing delicious human block meat.
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  18. Well...
    When I was playing single player the first day I had gotten MC, I spawned on a 40x50 block island. A couple of weeks later, after finding a huge mineshaft, making a brick house, building a greenhouse and making a boathouse, I decided to venture out to find the main land. By this time I was afraid to venture deeper into the caves to find any redstone. I got what I need, food, extra supplies and such. I sailed far away from my home, my lovely little island, waving good-bye as I sailed even farther into the deep oceon blue. A half an hour later I found the main land, with sheeps, cows and chickens roaming it's land. I had no way of bringing them back to my island since this was still 1.8. I ventured far a wide accross the main land until it started to turn nightfall. I put a post on the edge of the land and sailed back to my island, but I had no way of knowing where to go. I hadn't gotten any redstone to make a compass or a map. I sailed and sailed for ten days, hopelessly lost on the never ending waters. On day 16 I had given up all hope, sure I could have drowned my self and I could have gotten back home, but I had collected some rare items from the main land that I could not have gotten from my island. I was about to give up and quit until I saw my boat house, then my garden, and finaly my house. I was over joyed with happiness.

    So it turned out to be a good ending, but it's not as worse as your story!
  19. ok i almost never go to get xp so when i finally did i had gotten walking in the nether looking for pig men.and then...LAGGGGGGG!im in the lava burning.i get out but the lag is still going so i burn foever and then die.when i go to get my stuff i only get 7 xp back so i try to restart.i die again and loose it all.
  20. HOW? i had 40 levels of exp and died, didnt even get 1 level back!