Your Role Models?

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  1. I'm trying to become more involved with the community. So I ask you guys..your role models?

    1. Gareth Bale-Tottenham Spurs
    2. Juan Mata- Chelsea
    3. Robin van Persie- Manchester United :D
  2. 1)Markus "Notch" Persson.
    2) Jordan Maron
    • My parents
    • My one celebrity role model would be Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. Justin Bieber. Jk
  4. You better be.
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  5. 1. Keith Moon
    2. One of my friends
    3.Robin Walker, for giving me my main addiction.
    4. Others
  6. Jesus Christ
    My mom
    Gregg Braden
    Shigesato Itoi
    Just to name a few.
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  7. I really don't have any role models. I find the entire idea to be quite silly.
  8. When I think about it, I don't have any :confused:
  9. 1. Bob The Tomato
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  10. Ponies.
    Always Ponies.

    No but really. At least Ponies know what the hell they're doing in life

    Otherwise i have no role models....i just do my own thing.

    Oh except Jesus.
    Always Jesus :D
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  11. My only role model recently had an argument with me and she said she never wants to talk to me again... So she pretty obviously isn't my role model anymore... Or is she? I dunno. I can't make my mind up if I hate her or not -.-
  12. She'll get over it - they normally do, unless you said they were fat, they'll never forgive you. They'll take that to their grave..
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  13. 1.Carl Sagan 2.Terry Goodkind. 3.Phil Hellenes ( the last one is a pun as well as a great YouTuber)
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  14. I would say Krysyyjane and Margaritte. :D

    3. Michelle Rodriquez
    4. Angelia Jo-lee
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  15. my role models ... hmm, i don't think i've ever thought about this.
    i'm just going to have to say my father :)
  16. 1. Stamper
    2. Batman
    3. Neil deGrasse Tyson
    4. Gladstone
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  17. Heck ya NDT