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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jureravselj, May 12, 2015.

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  1. Ok so i'll try to tell the short version of the story.

    I recently got banned. Here is my ban appeal as i've given it to the mod who banned me (eviltoade)

    Next, i get unbanned, temporarily banned for 5 days (permanent ban changed to temporary ban)
    and i notice i got all my rupees taken away:

    I ask rainbowchin what's that all about and he says eviltoade requested so. im like: wtf? why would this have to be the punishment for my breaking of the rule: Illegal pvp?? i know i have made a mistake, wouldn't repeat it, love this server, gave my help to new players and helped pretty much as much as i could. this is what i get back? Nice EMC. people make mistakes. i dont think this is the right way to approach problems like this.. im not trying to get all my stuff back here, but just asking you people (EMC Community) about your opinion on eviltoade and rainbowchin's reaction.

    Still, Greetings from Slovenia.
  2. PvP isn't allowed on EMC, so the ban was legitimate, and they had the right to take everything you had. If you won't repeat it then hope they accept the appeal.
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  3. They did accept the appeal, will get unbanned but im not gonna play like this. it seems unfair to have taken all the legitimate stuff earned by myself within hours of long nights. should've just taken the rupees or items that needed to be returned to the player that was killed.
  4. You were permbanned and you appealed you ban.
    If your appeal is successful, you are given a SECOND CHANCE to start over, meaning you start off fresh, like a new player. He didn't reset your rupees/residences etc because eviltoade "asked him to", but because you get purged once you successfully appeal. Any permban appeal will result in a purge.
  5. When a permaban is successfully appealed, the account is purged. All money and in game items you own are removed from the server, allowing you a fresh start. This is to makes the permaban more serious and doesn't allow cheaters to keep what they have gained from cheating.
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  6. And you kill someone for fun who has probably worked hours for? Maybe during long nights? You broke the rules, and those are the consequences.
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  7. This is a common thing to happen when players are given a 'second chance' on EMC. In addition to a temporary ban, oftentimes some sort of monetary penalty and or the loss of all of your items on EMC will be issued. This is to make sure you think hard about what you may have done wrong, and so you feel the repercussions of your actions.
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  8. Ok live in your world. punish players like this. loose players everyday. bye emc. not sure if gonna miss staff after this /closethread/
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  9. As everyone said above, it's a legitimate ban. That is just how the rules work, and whether you follow them or not is you decision. Punishments go accordingly. This player must have told a staff member about you killing him, so it clearly wasn't "in good humor" or "for fun". You broke the rules and now you're paying the consequences.
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  10. We're sorry you dislike our fairness towards other players. I fail to understand how it is "living in my world" to let a player keep items he got in a wrong way. You are being given a second chance regardless. We hope you use it, and if you don't, best of luck. Closing thread.
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