Your NOT in game pet peeves

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  1. I started this thread when I was thinking of the Minecraft pet peeves thread. Works the same way but NO Minecraft stuff at all.
    I'll start: When my computer has updates. It is an incredible pain when the update warning thing pops up, and pauses my Minecraft game just to tell me it has an update. Then, it will restart its self without warning me, then it will install the updates, then it will take 10 minutes to reconnect my internet just to shut off and re install the same updates again and take 10 more minutes to connect my internet where I can't do anything on it, not even manually connect to the internet after the computer restarted.
  2. Stuff that's not Symmetrical. I don't know why but it bugs me.
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  3. Classmates who get the teacher ticked and end up getting everyone homework.
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  4. My list would be way too long to post.
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  5. Like this kid in my Tech class. She was complaining about a bad substitute teacher so my teacher made EVERYONE in the Tech class write a 6-page paper on how our sub could improve.
    It's okay. I'll read it if you post.
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  6. I don't think I will post. I would be sitting here for hours typing it up.
  7. Then make it in chunks.

    One thing I can never get over is how ignorant people at my school are. There was a sign on my English room door that said: "All Students Go To The Library. The Door Is Locked", and someone just went up to the door and spent two minutes trying to get into the classroom without even noticing the big green sign on the door.
  8. My list is far too long to post.
  9. That sums it up.
  10. People stealing my ideas and editing them a bit. :p
    the number 7.
  11. -Idiots who remind the teacher about homework
    -pop quizzes
    -finals (shiiivvvvvverrrr ive got these next week)
    -accidentally breaking root in crunch-bang linux
    -windows not allowing me to delete my old windows installations on my old hard drive
    -people who don't read terms & conditions (Yes, i am the rare person who does read them)
    -bandwith limits
    *to be continued*

    -time zone converting
    -writing essays on a useless subject
    -computer turning itself on in the middle of the night
    -BSoDs (Windows)
    -Kernel Panics (Mac OS X)
    -people who even when you know the truth they keep on lieing

    *to be continued*
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  12. well, do you really want me to find the word limit?
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  13. stepping on cracks.
    food touching
    linux updates
    updates in general
    chrome glitches
    having to use firefox
    doors not closed
  14. When people don't like pigs, that just sets me off like a firecracker.... =P
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  15. Sam...That's somebody you don't know! (Probobly...)
  16. ikr
  17. i don't like when people shorten already short words.. like this
    i really don't see the point in saying "how r u 2day" are you really that lazy to type a few letters? it makes me so mad.

    people, dogs, spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders, bugs, bugs, spiders, spiders, my "mother" , my paycheck can never cover all of my bills, holidays, the cold, spiders, bugs, sparkles and rainbows (but not those items actually, just things they "represent") yankees will understand this perfectly. ^.^ bugs, house centipedes, bugs, spiders, the word "moist" , i'm really starting to hate how my car wont start right anymore, my heart killing me, when all the oreos in my house are gone >.< oh, i also don't like capital letters, and numbers.. i'm terrible with numbers, my mind can only remember 3 numbers at a time, no joke, if someone tells me a phone number i just can't do it. :'(
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  18. Pretty much.

    Every time I come in contact with people I have a hard time getting along with them. I end up getting along better with people in games than if I have to deal with them face to face.

    Can't stand bigots, liars, cheaters, people who gossip and when you correct them they argue.
    People who order me around.
    Healthy, normal people who want to argue with me how bad my disorder is.
    People who want to tell me I need to get a job every.single.time I see them.
    People who ask me if I have a job every.single.time I see them
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  19. When computers take too long to do something (like right now, creating the installer for my RPG demo).
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