Your Minecraft Story!

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  1. Around this time in 2009, I signed up for Minecraft. I had heard of it on a fangame I found on a website (I forgot what the website was) and I loved the classic version. Immediately started to watch a tutorial I found on the Minecraft site by Paulsoaresjr, and I wanted Minecraft premium. Alot.

    So, a few days after the Halloween update I bought it. I loaded up 2 worlds before doing it right. I could never find coal (this was an alpha player's worst nightmare) and charcoal didn't exist yet. I built a house in the side of a cave, owned a pet creeper, and was soon dedicating my life to fancy buildings and fancy redstone contraptions.
    Beta 1.0 came out, and broke most of the things I had built, which were involved with redstone. So I ended up abandoning the world and making a new house in the side of a hill. However, this time I wasn't so successful. My new pet creeper blew up, I couldn't figure out how to use redstone repeaters... And worst of all, I became very very ill at the time. PM if you want to know why :(

    I ended up finding my 'playing style' of Minecraft with Beta 1.4. I was a builder, and to make it easier for me I ended up using invedit. With beta 1.2.5 I finally tried out a server. I spent 2 days on it. It wasn't even ment to be a PvP server, yet PvP was enabled, it had no plugins, it was laggy, it didn't have its own website. Just a youtube video explaining some basic info.
    After being spawn-killed 20 times, being griefed 10 times, I quit the server and never joined another one again.

    With 1.7.3 I began to use the Aether, TooManyItems, and I tried out Rei's minimap on my mod world. I continued to use 1.7.3 and my house began to take up a very good shape.
    1.8 came out, and the world sort of... I don't know...Died for me. Chunk error, weird land borders, new ugly biomes...

    Full Release came out and I started a new world. I had a friend called Djozane on this site, and we talked about Minecraft alot, but then the christmas holidays came and I became distracted with Battlefield 3 and stuff.
    And then 1.1 came out, I had no internet. And when 1.2 came out I had internet. And then I found EMC.
    I'm also a plugin developer on 2 servers, an admin on one, a retired member of staff on another, and a mod and map maker on another.
    The rest of my MC life has been spent here xD

    What's your minecraft story?
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  2. Also, this explains why I hoard iron and coal ;)
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  3. Awesome, I got introduced ot Minecraft by a friend, when played a few months Single Player, that same friend brought me to this server, and I joined and never tried another server :D, except for some Survival Games and Capture the Flag... :D
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  4. Survival games and ctf is awesome :)
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  5. I know, but since CTF did something like a server update, it became really laggy for me, and the SG servers I was playing on shut down, so I am not doing it really much anymore.... I would like to do that again....
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  6. Go onto skitscape's server (no IP so i'm not advertising) and play SG there.
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  7. This is an Epic thread! My story is very long, it could take an hour to type all... Maybe when i have time i'll write something ;)
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  8. PM? That should work. ;)
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