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  1. Not sure if one of these was created or not. Basically, just post a picture of your Minecraft pet and a brief description. If you don't have one, just make one up. Doesn't matter. Here were mine.
    NOT RELATED!.png
    They were my 9 pet slimes before a tragic accident. Their names were George, Jim, Jon, John, Jane, Jerry, Jimmy, Jay, and Jay2a Jr. They all died in those EXACT spots by one creeper. It claimed all their lives. They lived from today to, well, today.
  2. Pat2011 blew my dogs up while hunting creepers..
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  3. Don't feel bad, all 9 of my pets blew up too. I didn't even have them for 10 minutes.
  4. My pet blue sheep Ryan jumped off the roof of my house and died. Cddm95ace "accidentally" killed Ryan 2.0.
    However, Ryan 3.0 is now happily wandering about my house refusing to grow any wool regardless of however many grass blocks I feed him.
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  5. Brit and I had a pet Mooshroom at LLO named Scooty Puff Jr. Yes like the thing from Futurama Fry rode:

    We also had Scooty Puff Jr. The Second and Scooty Puff Jr. The THird.
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  6. Someone destroyed Pandas house in the wild and mine was beside hers and they killed my pet orange sheep Fanta and my cow HowNow v_v could you kill the animals but not take the otherstuff
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  7. I had a MC cat at one point........he would chill in my tree house all day.
    I logged on one day and *Poof!* He is just kind of gone.
    To be honest i JUST now realized he had even gone missing......
    I cannot own pets in minecraft properly......
    Maybe i will get a pet bat when i get to town eventually, he can sit in his cage and squeak at people who come by.
  8. You may remember that I used to have about 300~ cats on SMP3, residence 6666

    Well, I was working on something with Hasorko, and it was right by his lava residence. My cats chose that time to all stand up, teleport to me, and fall into lava.

    The ones that survived were killed by the entity limiter later. I have since not owned any pets on EMC, aside from Crazy1800.
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  9. Someone got reported (and apparently later banned, probably not for the same reason though) for killing one of my cats in town a long time ago.. I had 4 pets, 2 cats and 2 dogs.. There used to be a glitch that would cause animals to stand up when you would tell them to sit. One of the them got up and incidentally teleported with me to their res because they were selling diamond ores. I bought several and heard a weird sound and turned to see a cat die. I didn't think about it until I went back home and saw my other cat acting scared. I counted my pets and realized that the cat the got murdered was mine. I banned the person from my res and reported them for murdering my cat. A few months later, after deciding to clear out my Res bans I noticed that pretty much everyone I had banned from my res was permanently banned, including the pet murderer..
  10. The wool ninja!!! He shears the sheep when your not looking and takes the wool for himself!