Your favorite music disc?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by SpaceShuttleFan, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. With the addition of Wait in 1.4.4, I wanted to know... do you love the new disc? Still enjoying Cat and 13? Or are you trying to decode 11? The poll system will only let you do so many responses, so reply instead. Personally, I like Chirp, Blocks, and Wait.
  2. I think it was Ward that I liked most. I like Wait as well. Been trying to find it on EMC, with little luck though…
  3. There's this one song. Strad I think? Has a washed out melody at the beginning that's the same as a Them Crooked Vultures song, 'Ludes with Interludes' I think it is, unless I'm mistaken.

    either way, that's my favorite.
    Other than that, well, Cat is boss.
  4. Far. I have 4 of them :p
  5. strad too is also my fav thus far.
  6. i love cat. :)
  7. Cat or Blocks.
  8. Wait is the best song for me, but I still love Strad
  9. i love blocks and wait :D