Your Favorite Baseball team?

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  1. Since the MLB season just started the other day, what teams are you cheering for this year? Also, what teams do you think will reach the postseason and/or will win the World Series? I'm obviously pulling for the Red Soxs, but I'm still not sure if they'll reach the postseason, but we'll see :)
  2. The Raiders :)
  3. Rockies. Not expecting much success this year because their rotation stinks, but CarGo & Tulo are awesome! And I loved Weiss as a player so hopefully he makes a good manager
  4. Yankees, not sure if they will reach postseason though
  5. Seattle Mariners!

    Also, Seattle Silver Tips, but they are a hockey team. lol
  6. Been a Diehard Royals fan since Birth - God help me. Gotta support the home team.
  7. It's ok if anyone picks the Yankees, I'll dislike you a little bit, but I'll still think you're pretty cool ;)
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  8. Ouch. ;)
    Not that Colorado is anything to write home about, but man I feel bad for you being an Astros fan
  9. Haha knew someone was going day that but yes been rough last couple of 2005 please comeback :p
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  10. Can't get baseball on TV in my country... I don't watch TV or Sports anyways :p If I wanted to have anything to do with sports, i'd go play a game of what i'm feeling like outside.

    However I used to be a big fan of the Yankees around 2007-ish until 2009-ish. I ended buying a real baseball bat and everything but I only use that for self-defense (i've had to use it against my brother once or else he would have put my head through a glass window and stabbed me to death...yes he is a violent 11 year old :p) nowadays.

    Sooo... Go yankees? :p
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  11. The Blue Jays even tho they suck :p
  12. Rockies 1st cardinals 2nd, my dad actually works for the rockies sooo....
  13. Orioles 1st/Nationals 2nd
  14. Aren't the Raiders football. I guess he mean Athletics
  15. haha yes i was just jk my favorite team is Dodgers! I am i die hard dodger fan. I once got in a fight because somebody was talking crap bout dodgers they were an Angels fan xD
  16. hey the blue jays dont suck! they got reyes, bautista, encarnacion, lawrie, etc. :D
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  17. I wanna puke whenever one of the comments say "yanks or yankees", the red sox are the best and aint nobody gon change dat :p

    (Yes i know this is my opinion)