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  1. What is your Minecraft story? It could be about your favourite server, how you were introduced to this server, the best thing you have ever built or whatever you think is relevant to the title.

    To start the ball rolling, here's my story:

    My friend had introduced me to a server called (it has been closed down, I am not advertising) which I loved a lot, for many reasons.
    One reason was that you could build your own towns, and claim your own houses and land.
    Another thing I loved about this server were the people there. Unlike many other servers I had tried, this server had a lovely community! There were some truly amazing and friendly people, but some I remember and regard as my true friends were Scotty, Andy and Eislyn.
    These people drew me in to this server, and after my first weeks I sported a good reputation already. It had been five months since I joined when Madapples was shut down... it was certainly one of my saddest days of Minecraft - the day my friends from America and I no longer had any form of communication... the one thing that I was the most concerned about. Luckily, I had gotten one of my friend's Skype details, Andy. We have kept in touch ever since the server has been shut down, which I think is great.

    Empire Minecraft:
    After two weeks of continuously looking for a new server, which proves a hard task, I gave up on Minecraft. I seriously thought it was the silliest thing in the entire world at that point of time, and I simply quit.
    Then one weekend, when my brother was playing on a multiplayer Minecraft server, he told me to try again. So I did. I searched on for a 'friendly' server. And the fourth response was Empire Minecraft. With such a name, I thought I was going to have no luck at all. But how wrong was I?
    Skip forward half an hour and I had signed up on the website, finished the tutorial and claimed my residence. What really drew me into EMC was the community, many people I met here reminded me of the players on Madapples.

    In my first week here on EMC I had also referred my brother and my school friends, who all play here regularly :)

    Now, I am almost at 100 days old, so that proves something, doesn't it?


    Maddy :p
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  2. Bumpy bumpy bump ;)
  3. mr story:

    i bought the real mine craft after getting bored of the cracked version and the first thing i did was go multiplayer, i searched up on the internet for a good server, i came up with the planet mine craft website, one major hit was legendary craft, so i tried it out, i logged on, read the rules and ran to where everyone was, the chat was spammed with swearing, i ran to the PvP zone, and what do u know? there are 4 jerks standing in front of the exit with full diamond armour and diamond enchained swords killing the hordes of players running to get past them, i ran threw them with only a few bruises, i ran over the hill to find a player hiding, she started running from me so i chased her and said i wasn't going to kill her, we soon became good friends and created a faction and ventured the wild, this all with in a few hours of signing into this server, i didn't like the server, just venturing the wild with another player was exciting, but after a few hours of chopping creepers heads of she had to go, i said i would see her next time, never saw her again. i stayed on there for about 10 minutes until the server got hacked and diamonds started raining from the sky and there was thousands of ender dragons, so i went back onto planet minecraft and search up the best servers, i went threw a few different pages until i came to a server named "empire mine craft" the name appealed to me, also so did the promotional video, so i signed up on the website, i was a noob thinking i could just run threw the tutorial without reading the rules so i just went to the start and read it over, i joined and went straight to the wild threw the tele porter in the town spawn, i ran about 200 bucks or so and started mining cobble, i made a house and was passed by a player named themarmite we shared the house and ventured around the wild, he was my first friend one emc, my house was briefed ad i was PvPed with lava when i was getting my mum to look at my first house i had made, i had lost everything, soon i moved to town and built a shop, i earn about 1k a day, by just telling azoundria when i was in stock, and now I'm a diamond supporter and 177 days old.
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  4. True love at it's best, right here guys. ;)
  5. Here's Chascarrillos's story:
    In 2010, a friend of mine told he had discovered a new exciting game called Minecraft.
    He showed me a video in his cell phone, and I told him that game had horrible graphics. A year later another friend told me that he had discovered a "new exciting game" :p I went to his house, he turned on the computer, and we started playing Minecraft.
    My life experienced a great change from the time I played Minecraft for the first time. I was amazed about Minecraft and the first thing I did when i came to my house was buy Minecraft and immediately start playing. I remember a lot of things; the first day I played Minecraft I blew up a mountain in creative mode, and got killed over 20 times in Survival. The day after I woke up early and started playing Minecraft. I was curious about the "Multiplayer button" in the main menu, and I searched in Google: "Minecraft Multiplayer". a huge list of servers appeared in the screen, and I was intrigued by a little ad in the right top of the website: Empire Minecraft...
    I registered in the webpage and logged in for the first time. I knew almost no english and I chose random answers at each question of the tutorial. After half an hour, I arrived at Town and asked: How do I claim a residence?!?!?!?!?!! :) and everyone said: Read the guide... There was no open residences at smp1, and I lived for a week in (I don't remember his name)'s residence. I travelled to Wild for the first time and spent all of my money in snowballs, a diamond sword and a crafting table :( Then one day, smp2 was released and the Empire began to grow. I logged in the forums for the first time since I joined EMC, and changed my profile picture. I claimed my residence, 4440, and built a huge fence around it because I was afraid of griefers (Yes, it's true :p ) I built my first shop, where I sold wooden planks at a ridiculously cheap price.
    Then I referred my friend Alexhuac to EMC, and he joined and claimed the residence next to mine, 4439. He built some mogol-like wooden houses :p and a wood shop even cheaper than mine. Some days after I changed the look of my residence, destroyed the fence and build my first dirt house. I heard about a guild called "The Minecraft Council", and I joined them. My friend and I began building the Council Tower, wich was supposed to be the Minecraft Council headquarters. But we never saw them again and the Council Tower project was abandoned.
    I began designing a huge mall, and Alexhuac and I built a big dirt cube. Then the dirt was replaced with Endstone when minecraft 1.0 was released and I wrote a big blue wool letters in the building: ChascaMALL. I made a fortune (+30000 r) with my first ChascaMall, but when Alexchance's 4005 mall was built I began to lose money. I decided to knock down my old mall, my endstone house and my wooden water slide after April fools day. I began designing a bigger, taller mall; the Chascamall 2.0. I spent all of my money in glowstone, sandstone, wool, and endstone for my mall and began building it. It's not finished yet, but the ChascaMall is getting higher everyday, and I'm sure that someday I'll finish it.

    This was so difficult to write... Hope you've enjoyed my story, and sorry for my regular english.
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  6. Here's mine:

    A guy told me about EMC, been playin' since and I'm always busy :) Sorry for the wall of text guys ;)
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  10. Well I bought Minecraft back in November, back in Beta 1.8. I never bothered to look into Multiplayer because I didn't have any friends that played Minecraft also. So i played a couple Months- alone. BUT, with the release of 1.0 in January I finally decided to look into Multiplayer servers. I immediately through out PVP servers because I knew I would not be good at this... I looked at some list off of minecraftwiki- I may see if I can find it and edit it in. I think I may have logged in to a couple other servers, but EMC immediately grabbed me up and I became instantly addicted. For quite a while after joining EMC, I was still used to playing alone so I kept mainly to myself but watching everything that was happening around me. I didn't really get to involved with other people till about around the Wild reset. Yada yada yada- here I am now.
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  11. Did someone read my story?
  12. I did!
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  13. How I came to Empire Minecraft:
    I would sit on Xbox for weeks in my cousin's party and would sit there and listen as they talked about their server and about minecraft. I would kinda feel left out and I would sometimes make jokes about how I had gotten the game to them. I eventually did though. For the next month I played on their server in a remote area by myself. I would shudder at hearing a creeper and relied on people for the essentials. I than drifted away from his server and tried what most people would.
    I searched on Google: "Best Minecraft Servers" and was taken to a Planet Minecraft list of the best servers. I was taken to a few of them and they were all servers with obscene messages flashing across the screen day and night and would always be in the fear of greifers or PvPers wtill with the fear of anything that could attack me. After getting PvP'ed in a non PvP town I was done. I raged and they didn't like it that I was complaining so I was banned.
    I got on Empire Minecraft at my Grandparent's house at a family party and was so confused by the tutorial, but I than used the tutorial and I was done in a second. I took my complimentary armor, food and tools and trekked to the wild. While there I died within the 1st 5 minutes... so maybe I was still terrible at living the "dangerous" life.
    I than did the unexpected, I went right back to the wild. I was making my way along and found myself stuck at night with mobs galore. It was that day I would kill my 1st mob. I built a dirt tower high to block myself from a creeper. I had a doog amount of snd on me so I mad e a platform and boxed the creeper in with and suffocated it with sand. I went to town (lol) and claimed my 1st res on smp4 in a time where it was for n00bs, town chat in the wild, GameKribJeremy and a time when 100k rupees made you the elite of a server.
    From there it has been a blast. From crazy Utopia adventures with thecontroller to building my smp1 Pirate Ship with mystul it has all been a blast and I couldn't think a anywhere online that is better than EMC!!!!

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  14. Yay
  15. rage-quit lawlz. and you got banned? o.0

    just joking. welcome to the Empire for a billion days ago.
  16. Is he banned?
  17. How I found Minecraft:
    I found Minecraft because somebody on a different website said something about 'Minecraft' and how much it sucked. They were saying how overpriced it was and that you couldn't do anything but run around. So I googled it, and found 'How to Survive & Thrive', there were 2 episodes out at the time, and I watched them both. When the fourth episode came out I bought Minecraft while it was in Alpha v1.0.5 :D My Mojang account is glitched and says I bought the game in December 2010.

    How I found my first server:
    In April 2011 I got a little bit bored of single player, and wanted to play it with other people. So I went onto youtube and found a server. I didn't know that the server was PvP, so I logged on and was stuck in chunk error for half an hour, disconnected and logged back on. I couldn't find any wood to make tools and found somebody's base. I had no idea that I was griefing at the time and didn't even know what a griefer was, so I stole some guy's diamond tools and his wood and iron armor. Then I wanted to stay with 3 guys. And then I went into there house and they killed me, took all of the armor and everything. Then when I logged back on the next day some guy in a tiger skin kept killing me, so I rage quit and didn't go on another Minecraft server for almost a whole year.

    How I found EMC:
    There's this lesson in my school that no other school in England has, and you can do whatever you want as long as it's something to do with work. Well i'm a little bit of a rebel sometimes, so I wasn't doing any work. I was working with my friend and he told me to go onto this website called, and he told me to go onto smp3 that night so we could play Minecraft together. He is djozane on this site. But he left the Empire in April and i've been going ever since 8th February (yes Maxarias is a few days younger than me on this site :p).
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  18. noes, he got banned from a shitty server before he found EMC.
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  19. Biscuitboy founded EMC?