Your Christmas Wish List

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  1. Okay, so with Thanksgiving out of the way some of you might be out shopping already or going to bed early to get out there and beat the crowds tomorrow morning (I know I'm not). But let's not forget about some Christmas presents for ourselves!

    Here I want you to post your silliest and/or best ideas for a Christmas promo item!

    Dear Santa/Aikar,

    This year for Christmas I'd like a Santa's Reindeer. It's a special horse that allows you to fly, but only for 10 seconds at a time, so you'd better have a landing site ready before you take off!

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  2. No Christmas promo, New Years firework :p
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  3. I still haven't ate for thanksgiving...or shopped for Black Thursday..
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  4. I really want a phone lol
  5. I'm about to eat :p. I think im getting a 3ds!!! x:
  6. i want 2million rupees and my own private iron farm
  7. i want to finish all the farms at my wildbase, and start on that far away wildbase i made a tunnel to :)
  8. I can help :3
    But seriously i need something to do :p
  9. hmmmm, maybe
  10. I have a feeling he'll fill your wild base with hundreds of cats
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  11. Nah, he would just get a lot of brown wool and name it stuffing, and fill it with stuffing.
  12. Ark knows me too well :3
  13. well,
  14. I want: Better PC, GTA V, COD: Ghost, Headset, and tickets to 2014 MineCon.
  15. Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
    100$ itunes card
    A few computer games. ( The Sims 3 and such )
    Logitech G27 racing wheel ( For my simulators )
    Katy Parry Backstage VIP concert tickets. [ I already bought those, cant wait to go!! :D ]
  16. has 2014 minecon location even been announced?
  17. I think it is in Australia, but I don't know where.
  18. I don't think it has been confirmed or announced at all, there's only requests for it to be in Australia
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