You'll never Find Out......

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  1. Yes, I am an alt account of some other EMC member (or maybe... I have an alt MYSELF!?!)..... but you will never find out..... MWAHAHAHA
    - IamSaj
    And even if you guess correctly, I'll reply no anyways..... :3
    I am not:
  2. dead thread?
  3. Tell me now, I'll send the Toaster Bot to destroy you if you don't!
  4. Lol wut?
    If it is a EMC member, no.
    You'll never find meh! HA >:)
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  6. Icecreampig?
    Icecreamwater? -oh wait thats my other alt :p
  7. No that's JackBiggin.
    Nope. I like Coke.
  8. My other alts are just1nguy, justincow, icecreamwater, gearmaster08, and more...
  9. Wow
  10. lol. ya. i cant w8 to log on to EMC in 5 years if its still up as just1nguy... we be trololololin'
  11. That's it! Toaster Bot, activate!
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  12. O.O
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  13. AGH! You hit me! (IcecreamCow) NOT!!! :3 You really think I'm IcecreamCow? :p
  14. Its sherbet, just found that out a few days ago..:p
  15. And no jkjkjk182 is NOT my main account.
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  16. I put sherbet..... :3 don't argue with yourself...
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  17. Probably not the best thing to post when you're banned. It's like saying "hey mods, you know you banned me? Well, here's the rest of the accounts you've yet to do!".
  18. Clapping.gif
    Well Played.jpg
    Also I thought when you were banned from EMC you were also banned from the site as well...
  19. That only happens on rare occasions, such as when you decide to post 8 incorrect ban appeals... (I think we all remember this) Although last I hear, Aikar was making it so it would ban you from the forums, and that you'd appeal via a form.
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