YouAreMinecraft [EVENT]

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  1. *NOTE: I am not advertising a server here, I'm advertising an event that everyone should
    participate in.*

    YouAreMinecraft is not a typical server. It's an event that will last up until April 19.

    "'YouAreMinecraft' is about constructing an oversized image of your player's avatar in game."

    That's right. The purpose of this event is to show off the avatars of the users of Minecraft from all across the world. As you can see, I've already built mine.


    What is it? A Minecraft-wide event.

    What's the point? So everyone will know how huge the Minecraft community really is!

    Who can join? Anyone with a legal copy of MC.

    What's the address?

    How do I begin? Type /t then type /start to get your very own plot.

    Then what? You start off with a default skin. You can then replace it with your own skin. You'll have fly mod and creative mode to use.

    Want to see the map of avatars that have already been built? Click:

    If you participate, be sure to show it off here :)
  2. umm th elink for the serber or whatever takes me to a blank page
  3. I'm going to make my skin in there!
    Thanks for the heads up Green_Myster! :)
  4. ours is next to each other xD
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  5. I saw you online there :)

    I tried to say something to you but the server was lagging pretty bad for me. :(
  6. I already have a skin made there :).
  7. did you type /chat? :p I logged off of it for now cause it was derpy lag in there...
  8. I dont have the default skin :( any ideas?
  9. Silly. The server starts you out with a giant statue that looks like the default "Steve". Then you replace that with wool and other materials so it looks like your own skin.
  10. I was gonna post this a while ago, but didn't want to get in trouble for advertising a server :p My skins on there if you'd like to check it out :D I was on when Notch's wife came on. :)
  11. I've built a skin on this server already. I saw some people from EMC when I was there.
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  12. I also made a skin and tried to talk to Green_Mystery and zSlumDog. they both ignored me and made me feel bad.

  13. I'm Sorry crazy, but i probably had my chat off, its on now.
  14. I also had my chat off, I was in the zone building...


    If you want to visit it, type /home Green_Mystery on the server. :)
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  15. I just finished making my skin! :3
    Sadly though I can't take pictures of it! >:I
    And I can't turn on chat for some reason? xD
  16. I gave myself a hat because it looked as though I was bald on top of my head :p
  17. This project is interesting! I contributed my avatar.

    Here he is!

    To those of you Doctor Who fans, that is indeed a Sonic Screwdriver in my hands. :D
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  18. Tried. Cant connect for some reason =x