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  1. Thank you,

    CadenMann: Dude, I don't even know where to begin with this one but there has to be somewhere. You and me man, we got this. Our history lines up so much that it's beginning to scare me, I guess that's why we can talk to each other the way we do. After today, I know we can tell each other anything that's on our mind and I hope that continues because you are one of the few people on EMC that I can talk to that way and you actually complete get what I'm saying. Thanks for existing Caden, you brighten my day on a daily basis.

    DubChef: You and me have had some times man, brothers in arms against those guys who like to ruin auctions. You've been there for me when I really needed someone, and I am forever grateful for that. I'll always be someone you can talk to about anything, believe me when I say anything, and I'll sit back and listen to everything you have to say. If I ever have to pick someone to have my back in something, it's going to be you.

    kaptrix: Same with Dub, you've been there for me when you really didn't have to be but chose to anyway. Literally one of the coolest women I have met in my entire 10 years on the internet as well as in real life.

    PenguinDJ: I honestly believe and know for a fact, that you've helped improve me as a member of EMC over the past few months. Thanks for that, I probably still would've been a scrub without that.

    Kytula: One of the few people who've supported me since the beginning, your comments and messages kept me going when things got tough.

    Qkazoo, Poof, & cdjs: The only reasons I kept coming back to mumble in the days that I did use it, you three were constantly supportive and really welcomed me to SMP2. Even though SMP2 is being ruined by he who shall not be named, I'll always remember all the times I've spent on mumble throughout the rest of my EMC life. Thanks for making EMC fun again when it was beginning to lose it's spark.

    All of Empire Minecraft: Thank you EMC, for showing me there truly are people out there that care about each other. As I stated on my thread last night, EMC is more than a server.

    Empire Minecraft is not just a Minecraft server, it is a family.

    Don't lose sight of what EMC was and still can be, I get that it is a business, but that's not what I see it as.
  2. I'm getting kinda scared with all of these posts thanking others.

    I am scared that you are going to drop another bombshell, Cory.

    Like you said above, we are here if you need to talk to.

    I'm free most nights on the forums if you need anything. Just drop a PM.

    Please don't scare us again. We like you the way you are.
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  3. You're not wrong.

    But it won't be a bad one.
  4. Okay good.
    Ya had me worried there.
  5. Beautiful.

    Through all of the shit we've been through ('scuse my French), you're holding on, and I like that. Thank you for being there when I need someone to rant to, talk to, give a spare Ore Buster to, and overall, thank you for being... Well... Existent? I feel as if the Empire wouldn't really be where it is today. I hope we will be able to see each other in-game sometime soon. ;)
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  6. We'll be back to throwing the Empire into chaos again soon. :D
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  7. Chaos. Could I have chosen a better adjective? I think not. ;)
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  8. Thank you charmelonnyc, that's what I was about to say :p
    But, really I do appreciate the, thanks, though I don't feel it's needed. That's just what we do when we see some one down, or hurting. I real like the meaning behind the Hawaiian word ohana. We all of us come from the same root. None of us is alone.
  9. Hmmmm thanking people= being inactive? Being inactive= girlfriend?

    :eek: I'm a GENIUS!!!