"You sense an eerie presence..."

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  1. I got this message a few hundred blocks south of the Frontier South Outpost on SMP2, so a Marlix will probably soon spawn. If you'd like to kill a Marlix for me so I don't die, that'd be great, and you'd get some drops. Post on this thread once you're there, I'm logged off out of fear.
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  2. Marlix only has 20 health you know (10 hearts)
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  3. If you log off all monsters spawned despawn unless someone else is loading the chunks. It's long gone now.
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  4. Not Minibosses.
    The message prints when he has spawned, not when he is about to spawn, so he is somewhere near.
    Shouldn't make him sound so easy =P
  5. Was that implemented in a recent update? Because I had one despawn because I lost connection about a month ago.
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  6. Only 20 Hearts? >.>
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  7. 10 hearts :p same as a player.
    Edit: its also best to fight him in the rain, as water removes his ability to fly XD #revealallthesecrets
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  8. he still moves when you log so he might of just flown off
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  9. Alright
    I guess that makes sense.
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  10. No longer matters, I afk'd and was dead when I returned :(
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  11. Wastelands SMP8, (1600,1600)
    Apparently minibosses just love that peninsula.

    And immediately after posting this, Momentus has joined the fray. D:
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  12. I noticed that too, I got double marlix within a small area, on a desert peninsula.
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  13. Just an update, they are both dead (for now).
    Marlix aggro'd on me before anyone else arrived, so I had to put him down.
    Thanks to kevdudeman, southpark347, B4DMAN5ION (did I forget anyone?) who helped me put Momentus out of his undead misery.
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  14. Choongjae for being the fish.
    *blub blub*
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  15. I'm out in smp4 wastes and I just got this message a little north east of NE Outpost... I'm boxed in underground haha
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  16. though they are not 'meant' to despawn, there are still instances where marlix will despawn for unknown reason. :) In my experience: When you get close enough to marlix for him to target you, he will either attack or despawn. I've not figured out why he despawns.

    Also, on a side note:
    Enraged will despawn if the chunk is unloaded. they will not despawn while loaded however. 'Normal' mobs will eventually despawn if left loaded but not targetting a player.
    Mini-bosses will not despawn for a very long time (do they ever?). Even if the chunk is unloaded, they will still be there when the chunk reloads. Marlix especially can travel a very long way very quickly though, and often leaves your visual range in a short amount of time, so can seem like he despawned.
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  17. This, also from what I've seen marlix sinks like a stone in water so you can sometimes lose him in rivers and lakes
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  18. I think that happened to me as well while exploring to find a good spot for an outpost... I was cowering in a tiny cobblestone house and when I came out there was a gigantic zombie (Momentus boss) a hundred blocks off... Needless to say I did not stay around there.
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  19. i recovered your stuff, and the area is now safe from the marlix's wrath.(i also included half of what the marlix dropped :))
    your stuff can be found @2225 on smp1

    also your horse is alive and well out there: