[You Can Win Money!] Need Walls for my Mall!

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  1. We have a winner!

    BrenRGerm has won, and construction of the wills will begin shortly!
    Oh, and he's 500r richer :)

    So. I am building a mall on res # 1234, smp1, and I have a pretty good design for my mall, but I'm missing 1 thing: walls. If I like the design you give me, I will respond to the post, informing you that you have earned 200r. By August 15, whoever's design I like the best will earn an extra 500r.

    Important note
    It can be made of almost any material, but there are a few guidelines.
    I would not like for the main material of the mall to be wool or stone brick; I want my mall to be unique.
    Preferred material combo is smooth sandstone and netherbrick, but it does not have to be made out of those materials.
    I do not want it to be too bland or too colorful.
    It can be expensive, but not too expensive. I do not have millions upon millions of rupees in which I can spend on this project.
    Please post a screenshot of your design. If you don't include a screenshot, even if I really like the idea, you will not receive money.
    Texture pack used in the screenshot must be either default of Faithful 32x32, It does me no good if you send me a picture with blocks I can't even recognize in it.

    You can now enter more than one design, but only after I give you feedback on an earlier design of yours.

    That is all, happy building. :)
    ~Qwerty189 Qwerty189's Head
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  2. Will mostly likely enter this, just posting here to get updates on the contest :)
  3. Its simple.

    Made of stained clay

    Colours in order from left to right on the bottom: Light Gray, Red, White, and Cyan.
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  4. This one if very Unique, nobody I know tried this. I call it a true masterpiece.
  5. I might enter this tomorrow...
  6. Well. For some reason I wasn't getting alerts here, but...
    Might get a smidge expensive, but I like it. 100r earned.
    That will get extremely expensive, extremely quickly. Plus, it's a bit tacky. So for now, it's a no.

    OP updated with a new rule!
  7. Made two others.

    There the exact same, but with the placement of the materials switched.
  8. I'll make a large scale of it, and decide if I like it. :)
  9. Got three designs for you qwerty :)
    2013-08-08_12.39.32.png 2013-08-08_12.43.51.png 2013-08-08_12.55.34.png
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  10. 100r earned for #3.
  11. :p I though you would like the last one xD
  12. Got some more designs.
    2013-08-08_13.43.06.png 2013-08-08_13.44.47.png 2013-08-08_13.51.04.png 2013-08-08_13.52.47.png 2013-08-08_13.54.42.png 2013-08-08_14.06.54.png
  13. Does this end soon I have a good idea but I'm not on a computer
  14. You guys are the reason people dont like to be in competitions...
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  15. On the 15th, you still have a week :)
    maybe I should add a limit for the number of pics you can post. -_-

    Also, involving water and lava, remember that the walls will only be 1 block thick.
  16. :rolleyes: :p I have 9 entries so far, want me to stop and not help you get walls for your mall, or continue? The prize is not important to me, just want you to get ideas for your mall...
  17. Qwerty which walls are you talking about? the wall that you will put around the res (like a castle wall) or the wall that is going to be part of the building itself?
  18. 2013-08-08_18.29.38.png
    I made one that would not be terribly expensive :)
  19. I feel like you are just doing this for no reason -.-
    What I meant by saying the prize is not important, it is just my idea of any contests. Prizes don't matter as long as you get inspired. This thread is bit too much based on getting money than actually using different styles of building...
    I can easily delete my posts, if I choose to do so, and I may just do that, if I am going to be discriminated.