[You can win money!] Need floors for my mall!

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  1. Hello there, fellow craftians. :)
    Since my last thread requesting a design for the walls of my mall, progress on 1234 has been coming along nicely, and the lobby and walls (to a certain extent) are done. However, I have hit a road block, and am stuck. I need a good design for the floors of my mall. That being said, here's what I have in mind:
    I will be hosting a contest. In the allotted time frame, whoever has submitted a floor design I like will receive 500r. By October 18th, whoever has submitted the design I like best will win 5k, and will have their design showcased in the floors of the one-and-only 1234 mega mall. :)
    A few things you need to know:
    • My floors do not have designated colors to them, nor will ever be assigned to colors.
    • The floors will be based on the contents of the floor. This means that the floors will be different, but the design will be mostly the same.
    • You may submit as many designs as you want.
    • Your submission requires only a screenshot. Nothing else will be needed.
    • What you are submitting is a screenshot showing the design for the floors. The specific block used does not matter that much, but the block pattern is important.
    • A screenshot with the dimensions of the floors will be posted below.
    • The floor is diagonally symmetrical.
    • Screenshots must be taken with either the default resource pack or a version of Faithful. I need to know what the blocks are. :p
    Happy Building!
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  2. BUMPa kungen!
  3. I'm sad that this thread hasn't recieved any replies yet... :l
  4. quartz blocks
  5. Okay then...
  6. I really thought more people would be interested in this... (bump)
  7. I will toy around with some designs once I get home. Can I get a list of the floors?
  8. Alrightie. If you win, you will get 1.5k per floor :) (with a minimum of 5k)

    • Ores, ingots, gems
    • Building materials
    • Redstone and transportation
    • Food
    • Nature and Wooden Items
    • Tools
    • Combat
    • Brewing and potion ingredients
    • Nether, end, and mob drops
    • Dyes, wool, and stained clay
  9. Have you tried using dirt?
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  10. Please, I want serious submissions.
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  11. I'll see what I can do...
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  12. Also, quick question, is the green and white outline the edge of the floor or will that be the wall on the outside. I just want to get the dimensions right.
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  13. Also how tall? (Sorry for 3 posts in a row. can't edit)
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  14. They are part of the floor.
    One or two. You pick.
  15. It's a little unclear.

    You want someone to submit a layout with a bunch of chests and displays? Or pricing too? For what products?

    And all you want is the layout? No actual floor managers to keep it stocked?

    And you're willing to pay only 1.5k for something that will likely take a few hours of effort.

    Some people will for sure take you up on the offer, but I assume you want people who have a mall background to make good intelligent layouts. And those people will not work for that cheap, because they can spend the same time working on their own shop and get a greater return. Building/designing malls typically goes in the 6-figure, maybe 300,000r for a mall. I've even see people pay up to a million rupees for a really good mall fully built. What you are offering is peanuts in comparison.

    A lot of information is also missing from your diagram such as stairs, height of floors, teleports, etc... In order to create a cohesive mall, those will have to be similar on each floor.

    Why not release a SSP map with the layout so people can place the blocks themselves and make the dimensions correct? After spending the extra 15-30 minutes to get the design to the proper size, you are going to get a lot of people who get the dimensions wrong and their entire design is a waste.