You Can Donate XP To Help Repair Tools Being Used In The SMP4 Project!

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  1. We now have the Armory open for those that are mining for materials for the SMP4 Project...
    OB1 and Nickbowhunter have all the supplies there and you can get flags once you have a referral from a Sr Staff Project Member... See the Smp4 Project Forum for a list of the Sr. Staff.
    If you are able to donate your XP, and we provide the diamonds, you can help us repair tools. They are all the best, like Eff4 Unb3, so you will need at least 35 XP on most of them...
    Just see a staff member when you are online and we will get some fixed! :)

    THANK YOU for all you are doing for this project!
    We Love You All....

    Smp4 Sr Crew... and all those who are a part of this project.
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  2. I was thinking there was some sort of new command like "/give xp r0bbiejo 5" :confused:
    Shows my level of intellagance xD
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  3. Would be an amazing idea if people could do that.
  4. I got 61 levels of XP :D I got it from mining quartz. 61 levels with 20 stacks of quartz blocks!
  5. I could only Wish! :)
  6. Nice! :)
  7. Ok... OB1 is going to be setting up donation booths with teleports, anvils and access chests at 8100 Very Soon....

    We have had such a wonderful turnout for repairing tools that we realized the only way to keep it organized was yet another OB1 masterpiece...

    Soon you will be able to have a Crew Leader at 8100 let you in to a teleporter... you will go to a room where all you need to repair a piece is inside a chest... and the anvil is right there to use.... Bam.... Done!
    Just tell them how much XP you want to use and they will get it set up... It is usually at least 35 xp as we are using the best in tools and armor to keep the miners safe! :)

    Thank You Again.... We love seeing how fast this project is now moving! :)

    We have also had people donating enchanted items and we want to thank you immensely!
  8. Please let us know here if you are wanting to assist with XP donations....
    I have been asked if I will give heads for it.... that would have to be something with a high XP # to make it worth about the same as the 50k or DC of Quartz Blocks.... so let us do some thinking on it...
    Until then.... we appreciate all the help you can give :)
  9. Donated a stack of exp bottles at 8100 for this, I'd also like to help repair stuff.
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  10. THANK YOU Pro! We are so happy that you want to help!!!
    See any of us at 8100 and we will get you to an Anvil even if the booths are not finished yet! :)
  11. If you have any of those unbreaking 3 efficiency 5 picks (silk or non) I will trade you new ones and repair at my farm
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  12. Let me see what is what... I know we have Eff IV but I am not sure abt V....
  13. If you hop on I can do a quick repair :)
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  14. Only e4? Ill get some more e5 books/picks then, and then ill trade/repair those with you when they need it ^_^
  15. Have I told you lately how much I love you guys.... You are so amazing!!! :) THANK YOU
  16. Okay... So I have several players that I TRUST totally and they are non supporters that need a place to grind XP....
    I do not expect anyone to reveal secret compounds!
    But if you know of a public place they can use to help us with XP I would be so grateful.... PM me with info if you have some... Thank You :)
  17. I started a public one, needs work tho... Monday night ill have time. Ill put it on my todo list
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  18. Again.... Hugz.... I am so happy!
    If you need supplies let me know... anything being done to help us I am glad to help with :)
  19. I have a very efficient grinder on smp8 that I could use then hop on 4 and fix items. Just tell me what time you guys will be on and I will head out to the grinder and do that for a little while.