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    I have listened to this nine times in a row, please help me...
  2. I have alerted the proper people, and they will be there momentarily. Do not resist, as it will only make things work. They are there to help, LET THEM.
  3. After falling momentary in love with the blonde women in ABBA, I have a change of heart.
  4. You can dance! You can da-ance, having the time of your life!
  5. Ok people, I need some help deciding who is better, the blonde girl from ABBA, Stevie Nicks, or David Gilmour's hair in the late 60's as shown in this picture.

    The one sitting down
  6. We have a new contender: Young Weird Al..

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  7. Accordion is love, Accordion is life.
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  8. First, we need to look at that elmo signature :p
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  9. Out of the 3, I'd have to say Eminem.
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  10. it's weird al hands down
  11. I slept from 2AM to 9AM, and I am still tired, and Dancing Queen is still the greatest song is human history..
  12. What kind of damned time system do you use? wow
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  13. The kind where I'm still tired and meant to put 2AM.