Yoroshiku! Japanese Male.

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  1. I am a Japanese male.

    I am a total noob to the game and EMC. I mean, total.
    I have just played MC on ps3 and still struggling with keyboard and mouse.
    Yesterday, I died and lost everything twice ((killed by a monster /drowned)! Yeah!
    Obviously I need help.

    My residence is on smp6. Though I don't know what this means to anyone.

    Are you a noob to the game too? Let's play, build, learn the system and tackle many challenges together with me.

    Want to know something about Japanese subculture? Don't ask me .

    Please give me a message to my inbox or contact me at skype ID: hiko_bellick
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, the learning stage is the fun stage in minecraft. We all started out as noobs. ;)
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  3. Welcome to teh land of not the rising sun...
  4. Welcome to EMC :3
  5. Welcome to the empire! :D I'm not a noob at all though.. :p But I would love to help you out if you have any questions/unclarities! :)
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  6. Hello there and Welcome to EMC!
    I started off on the xbox360, and progressed to the PC version a little afterwards.
    Heck many experienced players around EMC would be more than willing to help you out!

    Be sure to visit player shops, (do /visit +shop) and check out other smp's as well (/smp#). There is also /vault to move items between the smps (charges 10 rupees to open it up, then you get access for 5 minutes without being charged again).

    If you need rupees, be sure to vote (daily) and get your vote streak up. You earn voters stuff as well (type in /vote in game for more info and the voting link)

    Um, what else?
    Type in /assistant which will bring up some starting information for you.
    Collect resources in the /waste, watch out for enraged mobs (the ones on fire) until you get some good armor and tools. If mobs are too difficult, you can change your "difficulty" with /ps (then change the difficulty) as it can help while collecting resources. This takes a little time to take effect, so be sure not to be constantly changing expecting immediate results. Changing to a low difficulty though will reduce mob drops, so there is the tradeoff.

    Don't be shy to ask if there is something you don't know, or are unsure of. Many players would be more than happy to help out. We all started somewhere and keep learning all the time. After you get used to the commands, how to get around, how to 'craft' items, you will have more and more fun (I know I did).

    I would recommend to go out collecting a load, and storing it at your res (your protected area). Be VERY careful who you give any flags to (build, container, etc...) as it is your responsibility who you trust at your res.

    Other than that, have fun, and I hope to see you around!
    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc... feel free to start a conversation with me!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire :D, You will be meet many wonderful players in are community. Hope you enjoy it here. :D
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  8. When did you start playing (pc) minecraft then? :eek: The xbox version hasn't existed for that long yet, right?
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  9. Thanks so much for the messages everyone!!
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  10. Konichiwa :D Welcome to EMC :)
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  11. Welcome and Enjoy your stay!;)