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  1. Today we bring you a new term i sugges tyou start using it now it'll be mainstream soon.

    YODO - You Only Die Once

    credit to faithcaster, help combat yolo lovers today!
  2. I was using YODO back when YOLO first became mainstream lol. :cool:
  3. Lol a couple of my friends and i started saying this a couple months back! :p
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  4. So, if this is true. When you go to sleep in a bed in minecraft. Since you will respawn back there when you die, does that mean it was just a dream?

    So what if you sleep in another bed after that? Inception?
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  5. No.
  6. Inception indeed.
  7. I have been saying YODO. :p When YOLO came mainstream, some people said YOLO, so it is not really new, lol.
  8. I think YODO was made to instead have idiots do stupid stuff, they do cool ways to die. #YODO
  9. Yes.
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  10. What if your heart stops but then they bring you back, then when you die of old age that means you've died twice.
    And what about reincarnation, that means people have died more then once.

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  11. If they were able to bring you back. Were you really dead?
    I don't 'believe' in reincarnation. But if I did; each body only dies once. The soul or whatever inside of them may carry on, but then would it ever die?
  12. Yes, you do "die", although your brain still works. There are multiple stages to death, but the most comely know one is when your hart stops. Your brain is still going, and at this point, your life is flashing before your eyes as your brain prepare to delete all its information, although this can be stoped by O2 flowing to the brain.

    This is the premise behind CPR, making ones hart artificially pump. If you can keep O2 going to the brain, you can keep them "alive", or less damage than otherwise. I believe the record for keeping the brain alive is about 6 hours of CPR. :p
  13. Death

    Death is defined as the cessation of all vital functions of the body including the heartbeat, brain activity (including the brain stem), and breathing.
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  14. #SWEG #YODO
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  15. Yolo is ment to encourage a lack of fear and recklessness hence the term " you only live once"

    yodo is ment to encourage caution as you live every day but only die once.

    well at least that how i view it
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  16. #Yodo
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