Yo - Need possible contest suggestions yo

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  1. Ok well, I've been seeing all these contest throughout the Empire Minecraft Community. To me they are a wonderful unique experience to this server since many of them are player hosted (Yes Moderators count as players! :) ) Anyways, I want to host a Contest with something unique but I can't quite think of anything to do this with. I of course want to make the JackPot Prize about 100,000 Rupees. So if anyone can think of something that technically hasn't been thought of (No off server events/contest), Just give a post here about it. It can even be a basic idea that can grow into something more. Thanks for your suggestions Empire Minecraft Community ~!
  2. Maybe it could be a contest to come up with the best contest? A contest contest.
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  3. A potato growing contest
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  4. I like trivial tests and contests - we never see any of those.
  5. This or a treasure hunt on your res, maybe everyone gets a stone blocks and you have sell chests set up for 1 Stone (Books may be better, doesn't really matter because they have to find the sell shop though), S 1000 but there is only one spot so one player can cash in at that station once and then has to go find other stations, have 100 of these and voila, epic party.
  6. I pie drawing contest. Who can draw the best pie?
  7. Yo - my possible idea for a good contest would be for someone to create a game. This game could be rated on many desired criteria... yo.

    Mine would probably look like this.


    Simplicity (complex games are cool, but look at spleef, and tell me that should not factor)
    Scalibility (ideally someone would make a 'small' version, which could then be scaled for fun factor)
    Ease of use ( probably falls under simplicity really, but on empire, the difference is obvious... if a game is button push from using... I like that)
    Popular Vote ( I personally do not like popular votes for anything, because it is easy to bribe and stuff, but you guys like to use it :p)

    Thats my suggestion... yo.
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  8. tellin ya man that 10k z pot dash is a swell idea! you didnt like it tho :(
  9. Make a contest about the people of EMC.
    Go to all the smps, and whoever is on that day, gets a ticket in a raffle to win 100k.
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  10. That wouldn't be fair, people have stuff to do.
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  11. This is by far the best suggestion I've read today, and if in days time If i dont get any better than this or equally as good, I may consider using this and including your name as the Creator of the Idea :p
  12. Make a contest to make a statue of me.
  13. Morning Bump for more suggestions ! :)
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