Yo I'm an alt.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MelbourneRocks, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I'm an alt, Just finished my spawn res on smp4. Your welcome world.
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  2. I didn't even know I had an alt... And you're taking over SMP4 as well? Awesome, that'll show 'm! :D

    Be sure to keep that main of yours under control though; sometimes they get all whiny and annoying. Best /ignored if you ask me. Who needs mains if you got alts?

    Say, want to know more about my pyramid saving schemes plans?
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  3. Yo, I'm an alt too :)
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  4. Hi MelbourneRocks. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. :)
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  5. Hello I'm an alt, I'm FDNY21 :)
  6. You are secretly Anon's alt :p

    Welcome to the empire, alt! :D
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  7. @EnderMagic1; I was referring to them when I wrote "I'm an alt" because that's what they said they were called in the title :p I can't be Anon's alt, you can see her next to me in my profile picture! ;)
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  8. Omg -_- The reply button doesnt work..
    She's right next to you, obviously you are her alt :p
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  9. Dat moment when the alt joins EMC before the main. =P
    Welcome to smp4 MelbourneRocks, enjoy the forums and its goofiness.
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