Yet another village!

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  1. You may be thinking "Oh yay, another village..." but this one will be the best so far! But please not, were still under construction!

    Our features: Slime Farm, Nether Portal, Fishing Docks, Guest Houses

    Economy: We use currency. Our currency consists of iron, gold, and diamond.

    Coordinates: [CLASSIFIED] pm me for coords. Is in smp1, east outpost

    See you in the Pygmy Village! (I play Pocket God a bit too much, name might be changed)

    New: XP farm

    EDIT: To prove your not a greifer, make one decent building, put your name on it, and pm me. I will not answer any replies that include "Oh your gonna get greifed" or "why do i need to builda house" etc.

    New: Families! Looking to start a family? Post on the community bulletin in this format:

    Choose a last name
    Number of reletives your looking for
    Maximum and minimum age requirements

    If you want to join someone's family, tell them in game or PM them.



    Notice: Village shut down until world resets are complete. Coords will NOT be given out
  2. As much as I hate to say it, posting the coordinates will probably find you griefed more quickly. Do be cautious.
  3. You'd better edit this RIGHT NOW, i bet some guys are building their flint and steel and lava bucket inventories as we speak. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  4. haha way ahead of you my friend, anything wooden, is made of double wooden slabs, fireproof and as hard as obsidian ;D
  5. i really do wish people would actually know what a village is, its not some sort of secret club. Were not like "Were in a taiga biome, good luck"
  6. I always build underground in order to prevent getting hardcore GRIEFED.
  7. Which smp is this?
  8. Glad you asked, the village is in smp1
  9. I'm a going to take a look later then! And are your coordinate X & Z, with the easiest way to get there from the east outpost?
  10. I got "offline greifed" because lava... MY STUFF! I'm never gonna play EMC anymore.
  11. Are you serious?!
  12. You never took the cords off, even if you have precautions you should NEVER put cords
  13. Your inviting the greifers into your little village, i suggest removing the coords before more damage is done :)

    You can never take enough precautions with them, only be ready for when it happens.
  14. And we will be ready with our fingers over F2!!!!
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  15. If i take down the coords, how will people find us? and yes, its in the east outpost
  16. Well, if they're interested in joining you, they can always start a private conversation with you here on the forums where you can give them the coordinates.
  17. im there and it seems lik its been slightly griefed
  18. ther r lik broken wals and lava in a staircase
  19. ther is no wheat so im going to replant
  20. cant nobody come to meet me?