Yesterday's server outage...

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  1. I voted yesterday while the servers were down but I only received 2 of site's rupee reward. Is there any way to the get the rupees that I missed out on? Like is there anyway to prove I voted?? Just wondering.
  2. You didn't get rupees if you voted during the crashes.
  3. Sorry,but nobody can do anything about this.And no server out there can solve problems like these.
  4. Its cool, the 2 that made it through kept my bonus count going. I was just wondering.
  5. Paying you 200r right now.
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  6. You didn't have to do that, but thank you. All of my rupees come from voting, so no shop for me. This is a building game and that is what I like to do. I usally only buy what I can't get for myself. I love being self sufficient, so I have a lot of rupees laying around. :D
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  7. Nah, I trust that you voted and not getting the rewards isn't fair.
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  8. Love it. Don't forget, you can get everything yourself :p I think you meant, "too lazy" to get for yourself though :p
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  9. Dragon egg and EMC exclusive items that he missed
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