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  1. Coming to theaters, August 7th...
    *screams and dies from joy*
  2. It looks better than the first one.
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  3. Smurfs 2 and this comes out the 7th.... I wanna see them both lol.
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  4. :D I am trying to book both back to back on the 7th at my local theater :p
    Hopefully my mom can take the time off of work to go see them =P
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  5. same here lol
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  6. I Hope its going to be epic, The last one was surprisingly Good :)

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  7. You know it scary when you have the forums open and you're reading this while you're watching the first movie.....
  8. The director and staff should actually try reading a book
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  9. He did this time :)
    Annabeth actually has blond hair this time (I think)
    And it follows the plot much better :p
  10. Yea :p
    I liked the first movie, however, I think that if it were clear that it was a different plot, I would have known not to expect the story's plot.
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  11. No no no.
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  12. I read a lot of books like this, and this series is one of the best. The first one just had a completely different plot, though. I can't wait.

    Cupcakes :3
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  13. ...
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  14. It better be! :p
  15. Oh god no, not Smurfs... :confused: Please I beg of you, stop encouraging Hollywood to revive cartoons in Live Action / CGI form. We've already suffered enough with Underdog, two Scooby Doo films, three Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, two Garfields, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Inspector Gadget, Marmaduke, and probably more I'm forgetting.

    Just no. For the love of all that you cherish, make it stop.

    No complaints about Percy Jackson though, trailer looks neat.
  16. I personally enjoy cartoons in live action, not as much as other types of movies without cartoons though.
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  17. I am not going to bother watching the 2nd movie. The books are way better in my opinion for this.
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  18. It actually looks good though.
  19. didnt luke die in the first movie?????? *ressurection*
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  20. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!