Yes, This Is Natural

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  1. I've gotten better. Will post pic tomorrow.
  2. Yeah I was wondering Of this is any good? What do you think?
  3. Maybe the gold. Make powered rails go down through your mine.
  4. Thats not that rare. I can find gold, iron, coal, and redstone near each other in the mineshaft I'm in.
  5. I found 8 diamonds just by the wall and to the side of a bunch of iron and coal xD
  6. This is pretty legit, I bet you smiled :)
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  7. I Spy some SSSSSSShinyyyyy apples :D
  8. I believe there was a Vain of 2 diamond behind there, That touches it off.:p
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  9. I smell XP...Just using my handy dandy grinder again...:p 2012-02-27_22.14.01.png
  10. Hmmm...
    One time I found a vein of coal almost 80 blocks strong, with 12 blocks of iron ore inside. I also found 5 gold ore, and two diamonds in a spot directly adjacent XD
    The nearest redstone was about 15 blocks away.
    Ore hotspots do happen like this, that's why you should always mine the adjacent stone whenever you find a mineral vein.
  11. Iron and coal seem to follow each other in their veins.