Two Men Working The Mines!

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  1. Check out our Fortunate discovery this evening :)
    Myself and Sir_Creeper was exploring the caves near spawn when we found and unexplored cave, and we exposed many many ores. :)


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  2. Holy cow you two are lucky, I am very jealous!
  3. Here's another Screenshot from my point of View (which wasn't a good one :D) 2011-12-10_23.14.26.png
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  4. I see Iron, Coal, Gold, Redstone, and Diamond.

    How in the name of Notch is this possible!?
  5. Umm is the minimap not a hack?

    Just pointing out the obvious
  6. Minimaps are ok according to the admins :)
  7. Oh huh i was wrong. Oops

    The only thing not there is lapis
  8. Hacks!:)

    Oh, and why are you not using Sphax PureBDCraft anymore Sir Creeper?
  9. Oh nice...:confused:

    I shall be in my lair, plotting my vengeance against these overly lucky fools. >_>
  10. lol
  11. Nice find!
  12. there is no way that is possible. that many different kinds of ores that close together wouldn't happen...
  13. are saying they just found somewhere that coal and diamond and redstone that close together and the put gold and iron ore everywhere? because that would be just as unlikely.. and still a nice find.
  14. Minecraft is full of many surprising things, my friend. And it's not limited to artificial creations either.

    I once found a waterfall in a snow biome that had swelled enough to cover the very large entrance to a cave system before Notch temporarily deleted the biome code until 1.0 was released. Of course, at first, I thought it was a fake, but out of a curiousity to find the source I climbed the mountain it was flowing over. Once I got to the top, my jaw dropped until it was level with the floor. There it was, an innocent, natural lake of water with a hole in one side. :confused:
  15. Haha thats awesome!

    ~Silk touch XDD~ jk
  16. You know what makes the entire scenario perfect?
    Sir Creeper has a stone pickaxe and can't mine the diamonds..
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  17. Hey how do you insert a spoiler like that, I was looking for it the other day?
  18. It's BBCode.

    [spoiler]He can't mine that![/spoiler]
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  19. Thanks man :)
  20. two things in this thread made me laugh...

    Server status(with links to live maps)

    First thing first, lets change this thinking... nothing is impossible, perhaps improbable... there will always be anomalies(aka random chance).

    if you are keen on finding deep ravines, you can easily see the different kind of ores that populate near each other.