Yes! More Code! And a prize!

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  1. Hello Empire-peoples! I have yet another code for you!

    xc Nx9zh3z 9n8o r8u, d20n fg1jp20 23C25 14JO!
    Happy decoding!
    First to decipher it wins 500R!
    (I'm broke...)
  2. Could i donate to the prize?
  3. Sure, if someone solves it, I'll tell you, and you can add whatever amount you see fit.
  4. Lol, i have an alt that doesnt need rupees. I just sent 1920r your way :p
  5. Okay, new prize is 1920+500!
    Yeah, now you have to do math to claim your prize too.
  6. Bump bump bumpity bump!
  7. Any hint on wha type of code?
  8. The key to solving it is in there, you just need to pick it out.
  9. Another hint? I'm not good at these...
  10. xc
  11. Morning bump.
  12. SparerToaster is now known to me as a Brony!
    What coding language did you use?
  13. First, how did you come to that conclusion? I threw that out there a LONG time ago, but how how did you get that from this?
    I'll say this about the code. Each letter is a different letter, and each number is also a letter.
  14. Lowercase 'c' ~= Uppercase "C"?
  15. I don't think so...
  16. no! not math!
  17. Here, x=c. I literally just told you guys how to decode it.
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  18. Is the first word science? (Pm me if so) :)
  19. I'm not telling...
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  20. Simply copy and pasting that code into google brings back 3 webpages, one being this thread on EMC and the other two being links to a post by someone that goes by the name SparerToaster on a MyLittlePony like forum site.
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