Yep, Another Mega Store!

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  1. I am currently in progress of building my Mega Store! This thread is just to introduce it, and for you to give me ideas! I will be adding more later, But for now some basic info:
    I will be ATTEMPTING to organize and sell ALL items in the game. Obviously, i probably wont be able to have a lot of stock when it first opens. Eventually though, i plan to have my Mega Store completely stocked with a Double Chest Of EVERYTHING! Here are some pictures of the building as it is when i am writing this:
    2012-12-08_15.09.37.png 2012-12-08_15.11.25.png 2012-12-08_15.11.31.png 2012-12-08_15.12.36.png

    I am currently accepting donations of certain colors of wool ( Brown, Silver, Orange, Yellow, and light blue) and rupee donations. If you want to donate wool, go to 2354 and sell it across the street. If you want to donate rupees, go to 2354 and turn around. click on the sign corresponding to however many rupees you can spare :p All donations are GREATLY appreciated, as they will go towards a good cause.
  3. I own a megastore and its hard, I didn't build it by myself. My brother and lots of rupees went into it to get the final result. Keeping a double chest of everything will be hard, if you want to try than go for it im not stopping you at all and want people to keep a good stock. Also there are a lot of items some rare some not.
  4. I have a big shop in 6681 that sells almost all but is not nice. It is difficult to restock everithing every day if you have the best prices!
  5. D: should of built it on smp2, other than that, running a store = time devotion which I don't have
  6. Certainly ambitious.
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