Year One - Giveaway & More

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  1. Hello everyone, this Saturday will be my official 365th day on Empire Minecraft!!! :D Below in the Spoiler is my wall of text EMC story, but first the important stuff.
    STARK best edited.png


    I will be giving away 20,000 rupees, just post a number 1-50 and I will put you on the list for the drawing. If the number you select is already taken, I will assign you a random number, but it would be great if you could check the list, I'll try to update it as well as possible. The winner will be generated on Saturday, April 13th.

    1. Kadboy
    2. Xxandster700xX
    3. Deathconn
    4. The_Legend4
    7. Plasma131
    8. Pab10s
    10. Nick_godoy
    12. Dwight5273
    13. dandandondo
    14. mba2012
    15. Alyattayala
    16. Iceraider14
    17. HylianNinja
    18. Crazy1800
    19. becsim1
    20. Halodaneil18
    21. Portalshoo2er
    22. jacob5089
    23. Mastermockery
    24. Pandaseatramen
    25. jknrlz
    26. Penfoldex
    27. Enzler
    28. AmusedStew
    29. Agent_creeper23
    30. pokemonfan10
    31. brendab149
    32. WolfThunderblade
    33. jrm531
    34. Jake_Bagby
    35. ivanivanchenchen
    36. Lukas3226
    37. ItsMeMatheus
    38. SirZomb
    39. Nick5013
    40. Ixlemort
    41. WeirdManaico
    42. Electrobomb
    43. Embrioticbubble
    45. collect12
    46. Chris_flo
    47. AndrewBryer
    48. sstrngmnm
    49. gabrielrocks69
    50. 607

    Scavenger Hunt:

    Also on Saturday, I will be hosting a Scavenger Hunt on my two residences, 14859 and 14860. I have filled up a double chest, containing everything from a wooden sword to diamonds and enchanted items. These will be hidden around my residences in 54 free buy chests, for all of you to find. I am currently thinking of starting around 7 PM Pacific Standard Time, but if that sounds like a bad time let me know, I am sort of flexible that day. Below is a picture of all the items you could win in the Scavenger Hunt.
    Scavenger goodies.png


    First, let me give you a little history of my Minecraft career before EMC. I had spent over a year just playing Singleplayer, and then my friend Enzler and I joined a server called McPluto, which in hindsight was really poorly run. We played on that for a while until the server eventually died and I got frustrated and left. I think after this Minecraft lost interest for me, and it wasn't until one day on Facebook that this changed. Among the annoying sidebar adds on Facebook I noticed an Empire Minecraft add, and I figured that if a server was important enough to have a Facebook add it must be awesome.

    That just so happened to be exactly correct, and by the time I finished the tutorial and chose smp7 I was extremely excited. I got Enzler to join that same day (its his 1 year birthday as well, but he's perma-grounded by his parents, so he won't get to celebrate :( ) and claimed my first residence, 14860. Immediately, I built a little house, and started work on a castle wall around the perimeter, both of which still stand today. Overtime, I have kept adding things to that residence, including a smallish sky shop which I just recently tore down. I used the Minecraft account of a friend who quit Minecraft as an alt and got another res, which I worked on for a while. During this whole time, despite it containing many famous EMC historical events, such as the mass exodus and the Copherfield incident, I was completely unaware of anything occuring outside my little area. It wasn't until at least halfway through that first year that I started making friends and being social. Getting hired at the TREES Library (R.I.P.) helped me make my first friends, Dandandondo and Kadboy, and through their Tekkit server I met Chris_flo, the owner of TREES. (TREES is an smp7 organization fyi). After deciding I liked the TREES group, I just hung out around them all until I became friends with everyone. I now have tons of friends, and it has made Minecraft so much fun. I will list everyone later on.

    Last December, I purchased a Gold supportership and claimed a residence next to mine, 14859. Inspired by the 2012 movie Avengers, I began the largest project I have ever attempted, a replica of STARK Tower. It took me two months to build the structure itself, and at the point this is being written I still have several floors left to interior decorate. Using this tower (the first picture) as a base, I started the Avengers, which ended up being a total of 10 people, each of whom got half a floor in STARK Tower. Also around December, I started going on the forums, and have since become a well-known member. The forums have been great, and I now find myself on them far more than Facebook.

    Anyways, in conclusion, this has been a great journey, and I could not imagine not-playing EMC. I would like to thank all the staff, present and past, who have helped start this server, and turn it into the amazing place it is today.

    I would also like to thank all my great friends, and if I forget somebody, which I likely, I apologize in advance. So in no particular order, thank you to these people:

    Ninjastorm5201 (R.I.P.)
    All the great people I've met and got to have discussions with on the forums

    So once again, thank you to all who have made this a great community, its been a great year. Hope to see as many as you as possible this Saturday for the Scavenger Hunt and party. :D
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    EDIT: If a mod could fix those triple spoilers, that would be great. I have no idea how :p
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  3. Happy one year on EMC!
    Can I have 26 please?
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  4. Happy One year! 14 please.
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  5. About the spoilers, just click the edit button under the post and make sure there isn't anything but [spoiler=Wall of Text :D] Wall of Text [/spoiler], and the same for the numbers. Anyway, congrats on a full year here, it's been a great time and a lot of fun! :) (Oh, and I'll take number 1 :D)
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  6. 28 please or 31 grkats on 1 year
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  7. 41 Please and congratz!
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  8. Congrats on 1 year, I'll take number 48 please ;)
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  9. Congratz on 1 year man!
    37 please
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  10. Happy 1 year! :D 10 plz :)
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  11. 18 please :D

    Grats on a year :DDDDDDd
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  12. 39 pl0x
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  13. 33 or 3 please
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  14. HAPPY ONE YEAR AVERRSERY. hope your EMC time has been good, i would plox like a number, anyone will be fine. again have a happy one cddm!!!
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  15. Congrats buddy 'ol pal and thanks for convincing me to join EMC with you. :D
    I would like to claim number 27 please!
    I hope the scavenger hunt runs smoothly and is a blast!
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  16. 13 please :D. and happy EMC birthday buddy :)
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    btw 15 please of course :3
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  18. Finally I made someone's list! I'm glad you're here Mr. Cddm. Oh and 8 please.
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  19. 7 plz and happy bday!
  20. Congrats! 18 or 28 please :)