Yay, NSA -.-

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  1. Oh, so anyone actually cares about what I type in games like that? O_O
  2. *rethinks entire life*
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  3. Nothing about this bothers me at all.
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  4. Is is bad that I find this amusing?
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  5. Nah, not at all :p
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  6. Good thing I don't play these games. :D
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  7. same :p who knows though, they might be stalking your Team Fortress 2 playing :eek:
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  8. Or my League of Legends gaming! :eek:
  9. Big woop, unless you're talking about blowing stuff up and killing people, they don't care about you.
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  10. Isn't that the point of most video games? *dramatic music*
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  11. Life is a video game...? D:
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  12. This feels relevant.
  13. Just watch a swat team break into a house because two guys with an Arabic accents joke around about blowing stuff up, nothing specific just stuff.
  14. I play World Of Warcraft, sometimes...

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