Yay! Found an Xp Blaze Farm on SMP9

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Primescary, May 25, 2013.

  1. Today has got to be the best day on empire! I just found a fully functional complex Blaze farm, so if you have 1 i may be using yours, i won't break it or anything.
  2. It's generally considered polite to ask the owner of a farm before using it.

    Look for locked chests, signs with names on etc. :)
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  3. Umm, this isn't exactly allowed, as your using someones grinder without their permission.
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  4. I have looked around and asked around on my server no has seemed to claim it
  5. Someone built it, it is someones.
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  6. Maybe they quit the empire
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  8. ^ :D
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  9. It's common courtesy to ask the player if you can use the spawner. If the owner happens to come by, make sure to ask. :p
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  10. oh of course if they are there
  11. What ever you find in the wild is free for you to use. YOU FOUND IT thus making it yours free to use anytime. If it was easy to find the owner did not take little to no precautions to hide it. And if saw the person on live map using it, they should've had /hide on.

    But it's polite to ask the owner. (You don't have to)
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  12. It honestly was hidden well haha
  13. No its is free to use any time, only if the owner is not using it. upon finding a Grinder or farm of any sort if the owner appears and wishes you use it you must leave and allow them access
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  14. Why though its the wild and im not greifing so what is the big deal if i use it?
  15. you may use just if the person who made want use of it you must let them
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  16. Being the person i am i would let them. But what is forcing me to let them use it? what rule would i be breaking?
  17. What Amused posted was what was made so that the staff wouldnt get swamped with stupid crap like "he sld me his bace, and som1 found it. i wnt my moneys banz him nowz or iz quitz (cuz i wittle babby)." So yes, anyone can technically use something like this. But there are things that cant be done, which i will list below...
    No, absolutely not. This is not finders keepers land. To finish the above posting of mine, there are things you cant do. Any farming, tree cutting, base altering (including placing chests) without changing things back to the original form after using it can be considered griefing. Also, chests, just leave them alone. IMO, if a grinder is using a hopper system, taking from that chest/hopper is stealing (unless you have permission). Even though your player is generating those resources by being there, its still their chest/hopper, and if a mod happens to pay you a visit, it will look suspicious. So if i ever find a nice hopper system farm, i personally NEVER touch the chests unless i have asked the owner first.

    OP, a good way to find out who owns the grinder is to leave a sign saying your in game name, and requesting they PM you on the forums about letting you use their farm. You should show that you are an outgoing player, not a moocher. If i had a player find one of my farms, i would feel much better about letting them use it if they clearly went out of their way to find out who owned it. If i "caught" them first using it sometime, i would not be very hospitable towards them since they just showed that they were incredibly lazy.
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  18. Of course, I'm not saying that you can kick the owner off when their grinding, That's just rude. I'm just saying that if you find something in the wild you can use it...
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  19. Very good point i will do that letting them know to pm thanks for the advice and explanation!
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  20. Unless you can show a thread that says otherwise Deathtomb, that is not true. It was built in the wild and therefore is open to whomever comes across it. Permission is not required to use something that is built in a public. AmusedStew has already cited the proper paragraph saying so. Yes, it's common courtesy to ask if the owner comes by, but in no way shape or form are required to leave if they ask you to.
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