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  1. I'M BACK FEMALE DOGS!! I have had zero things to do lately, so I just came back. I'll be joined by ehvahn in a return!

    The giveaway will be drawn on Christmas :3...It will include a double chest of enchantments (not specifying but all level 30) and some other random stuff I think is cool! I am doing 100 number so pick away!

    EDIT: Okay screw the list I can't handle it I will just do the random numbers and then look through. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE THREAD BEFORE POSTING A NUMBER!!!
  2. 37 l33t :3
  3. Your back... i know you, but you do not know me :> 65
  4. 33, welcome back... :p
  5. 16, Welcome back
  6. 17 please and Welcome back :)
  7. Never really knew you.. but welcome back :) 52
  8. 21 Welcome back To EMC
  9. 38 please.
    Welcome back at EMC! :D I still remember you :)
  10. 13, please.
  11. Welcome back! 24 please :3
  12. YANKEES!<3 17 bby.
  13. 65
    Welcome back pls <3
  14. 41 please, and welcome back
  15. 44 please and Welcome Back! :p
  16. Welcome back! I knew that members leaving would come back sooner or later :p

    My number is 7 :D
  17. 22 Welcome back :D
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  18. 64 please :D welcome back :)