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Discussion in 'Selling' started by xXvexenXx, Feb 6, 2017.

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  1. Closed thread. No longer valid.

    If you want my staff head, please mail me one of your heads and I will mail you back one of mine.

    My staff heads should hold no rupee value.
  2. First batch...

    I have 10 heads ready now. First 10 players that ask for them, get them as stated in the above thread.

    1. Sachrock
    2. Allicanto
    3. Qkazooo
    4. Carbonyx
    5. Faithcaster
    6. Rundercaster
    7. SkeleTin007
    8. AncientTower
  3. how about a museum in progress :p

    edit: because i have one, with already some stuff put up, but not fully done yet

    edit: 14392
  4. I have a display at 17111, I keep all of my friends heads & staff heads I collect <3

    Its down in my storage room
  5. Small staff head museum

    /v 17027@qwe
  6. Yes, as long as it has heads in it.
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  7. edited first post :)
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  8. Will you do this again after the 10? I don't have mine built yet, still in design at the moment.
  9. I don't have an official head museum yet, but I am collecting head so I can open one. You can check out 1303 (inside the wooden hut, near the furnace) there should be a [PREVIEW] sign over the chest.

    If this does not count, let me know! Thanks for you consideration.
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  10. Yes, I just get bored jumping to my death for hours at a time. And I don't PVP hehe
    More to come in batches every so often.
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  11. Publically accessible for viewing would be a plus. More for show than for collection.
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  12. Of course. Once I get enough heads, that is the plan!
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  13. I have a display, but not a museum :p 11567, in the main building
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  14. I own a museum at /v 1011 on SMP1
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  15. I have a small display at 19146 heads on SMP9.
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  16. Thank you :)
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  17. Thanks :)
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  18. You're welcome. :)
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  19. My museum is a 6 res project that includes the underground. although it is not finished yet, it would be nice to add to the collection for when it is finished.

    12003, 12004, 12005, are the 3 spawn reses, can't remember the numbers for the 3 behind.
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  20. Quick question does it have to be a museum that you alone made to get the head?
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