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  1. hi everyone, I would like to get some xp but my xp farm is really bad (as seen below)
    it makes very little xp for me, so if anyone has an xp farm (on any server exept smp9 or smp2) please let me know, this would be greatly appreceated
  2. Or. You could watch a sethbling video. Mine some redstone. And do it your self.
    But anyways I know a redstone wizard. I will go tell them.
  3. and this redstone wizard is?
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  4. thanks, Ill go watch sethbling now lol
  5. :rolleyes:
  6. how do you farm redstone exactley anyway?
  7. You go down to Bedrock, then you mine along to you find some redstone :)
  8. You can always go the spawner route as suggested above, but you may not have mined enough to find a nice location yet. I have used the same design you are using for mob drops and it isn't all that bad. It looks like you only have one spawning level on it though. Add more levels with two blocks between each level in an alternating checkerboard pattern and it will work better as you add more possible spawning locations. For even better results, light up or slab the surrounding area in a radius at least 80 blocks out.

    Mobs won't spawn within 24 blocks of you and will not move toward you if they are over 32 blocks away, so make sure you stand so that that radius falls within your spawning room while you are waiting for mobs to spawn.
  9. This is just in my opnion.

    I find that using a spawner is better, than making a spawning room.
  10. ...ender grinders!
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  11. That too.

    Those are a good source for Xp.
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  12. I
    in my opinion, they're the best. Least work required, low resource use... And fast.

    Of course, I'm too lazy to build my own. I just use endertopia :p
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  13. I have a skeleton grander and blaze grinder if you wish to use those on smp5.
    I am also willing to sell them for a relatively low cost if your interested. PM me if you wish to buy.
  14. i agree, i just havent found a spawner yet, if i had found a spawner, i would not need to ask for one since i know how to make a grinder from a spawner
  15. what are the cords for the blaze and skele grinders?
  16. I'd suggest starting a pm...
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  17. i would suggest suggesting that
  18. Well, it is well hidden, so you would have no idea where it is :p
    Find me sometime when i'm online and i'll show it to you.
  19. i could add him to the convo
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