XP Disapering

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MinerNicolas, Feb 16, 2012.


Has Your xp been disapering?

Yes 9 vote(s) 40.9%
No 14 vote(s) 63.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi this is MinerNicolas here,
    And i have been working hard at night to earn xp. And when i go to the town or wild my xp goes away! Plz help and if anyone else has a problem put it on this post plz.
  2. Hmm maybe an old bug surfaced. There was a bug in previous MC versions where it appeared your XP disappeared when you changed worlds. Although it was only the display that wasn't showing it correctly (disconnect / reconnect fixed it).
  3. Ok well i even tried that before and i lost 13 levels of xp.
  4. Did you happen to have a minecraft crash or spout craft crash before you lost your xp?
  5. Actually i did but that is usual for me every so often it freezes
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  6. Ok, thats great news! Justin, here is a second person who has had a crash and lost their xp.

    It happened to me a couple of days ago :( My mc and or spout crashes sometimes.
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  7. ok good so i am not the only one. Is their a way to get back the xp or no?
  8. Wow lol on the topic of minecraft freezing mine just did. lol. But This Time I did not lose xp.
  9. My best guess would be to private message Justin, take it from there :)
  10. I can report to Bukkit but other than that not much I can do....
  11. Ok well if u could do that, that would be awesome but dont feel pressured to do so if it is to hard. But what i want is for no one else to lose xp.
  12. What is the error message you guys get? I have tried many ways of reproducing it and can't seem to.

    EDIT: Anyone who can actually produce steps to reproduce this will get extra Justin brownie points ;) What I mean is something like:

    1) Get XP
    2) Go to wild
    3) __________
    4) __________

    Where the end result is always a reset in XP.
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  13. are you a plugin developer for Bukkit?
  14. EMC runs off of Bukkit, most of the custom EMC code is Bukkit plugins as well as modifications to Bukkit itself (branched).
  15. do you post them on bukkit for others to use though? ( older plugins ? )
  16. I honestly dont know what happened, I have tried and tried, yes my spout crashed a lot in this process, but I cannot get my xp to reset.

    Maybe it was a once off hiccup, but I will continue to be ever vigilant of this and I will let you know if anything ever pops up.
  17. I used to contribute to some plugins, such as Residence (by bekvon) but I haven't in a long time (been too busy with new EMC stuff). Perhaps in the future I will consider releasing some of the EMC stuff, but some will always be kept private :)
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  18. Yeah I believe it is possible, I just want to find a way to reproduce it or I can't fix it. I tried every possible thing I could think of, including unplugging my internet, resetting a server while I was dead, etc.
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  19. Of course! You do not want any EMC wanabe's showing up now do you :p
    I will continue to try :)