xp balls grouping together and giving less xp per mob

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Tehwafflez, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. hey guys if some of you havent noticed the server has gotten less laggy ever since justin implimented the grouping of items when you drop them...ever since this ive noticed you get less xp per mob and instead of getting the equivalent of 3 xp orbs per 1 xp orb today its a lot less like 1.2 or so.. i dont think its just me and it is effecting quite a bit of people

    so im mostly posting this hoping it is brought to the attention of the higher uppers so something can be done :D
    well hopefully its not just my immagination :]
  2. I'm fairly certain the number of orbs doesn't mean anything. You get 5 xp points for most hostile mobs, 10 xp points for blazes and a little less for slimes and passive mobs.

    I'm fairly certain the fact that you see less orbs and hear less tinkles doesn't mean you're getting less XP.
  3. ^that
    and havent xp orbs always tried to consolidate together in the first place? im betting the mod being used for item drops is based off of the xp orbs doing that :3
  4. Sometimes my xp numbers look like their going up correctly and other times it's like poopoo. :(
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  5. When I'm using my grinder and I kill all the skeles at once it does seem like I hardly get any xp :S
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  6. i fell this to.once in my blaze grinder i had 100+ blazes in it and i killed em with harming pots and i got hardly any xp.
  7. ^^^^ THIS i have skele grinder and i hardly get any xp i think the orbs are laggin bad and lose some in the process of grouping.. atm im killing them 1 by one to try and prevent this
  8. Same and it takes forever x.x
  9. Well.......... It's an interesting topic that opens a debate up as to whether this is acceptable because of the server improvement it brings and balances out the fact you're using a grinder.

    This could have the net benefit of making enchants more expensive and higher in demand if grinders aren't as effective.
  10. well ever since xp orbs were implimented in the game they always seem to take longer to drop xp than the items.. maybe it is in the game and not the server.. and xp orbs should be treated almost like items and drop at the same time. Either that or instead of dropping orbs on the ground for you to pick up you automatically get xp from the mob without the drop. like a virtual xp system instead of actually seeing the orbs and picking them up to get xp.. although this might cause controversy between groups killing the ender dragon because whoever hits it last gets all xp or it could be divided equally through a math equation that could be implimented into the game...

    definatley things to think about indeed :/
  11. Well, at this time your claims are not verifiable but as soon as some of my mods are up to date on 1.2.4, I will be running some tests as I can count the XP as I collect it. I will be able to make a comparison to SSP and SMP and tell you if it is your imagination or not both in 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 :)
  12. I always wondered this, how did XP drop out of an enderdragon prior to them grouping up? At any rate, no one can kill the enderdragon on EMC anymore because they're taken out before any new world is launched and I'm sure the staff will devise a fair method when they implement a way for a respawning dragon that everyone can kill.
  13. No more enderdragon to cause controversy because Justin Jeremy kill all the dragon :D

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  14. I wonder if Justin will have all the eggs on display in his palace. He could have his own hatchery.
  15. The first five eggs from the original dragons that weren't removed (SMP1-4, utopia) are owned by players on the server.
  16. Give credit where credit is due. ;)
    Plus, I helped kill Enderdragon on smp7 :p
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  17. Nope this isn't true it just seems like that i co own a xp farm and the xp is the same as it was before the update :) just xp goes straight to you instead of jingling about for ages :)
  18. alright well it looks like we have some beta testers :D. twitch when are your mods going to be updated I would love to test them :p it just seems when you kill in groups but i guess it could be different for every person..

    that would be awesome if we could have boss battles.. I remember something like this from a game called Runescape. The God Wars Dungeons and other stuff. A huge slime or some other thing would be hilarious and fun for tons of people on the server.
    Now im getting offtopic on my on thread 0.0
  19. Just to be sure, you do realise that as you get to higher xp levels, it takes more xp points per level? Just though it best to check :)
  20. I noticed a big change in my x3 cave spider grinder after the update to 1.2.3, the exp was the same but the behaviour of the spiders changed. Normally after about 10 minutes of waiting i would have uncountable numbers of spiders waiting to be slain, after the update the same technique i used would only yield 1-5 spiders in the same time period.

    It did appear to be a fixable problem but i haven't been back to a grinder since the reset was mentioned.
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