[XMas-Auction] DC of EMC Items And Promos (INVALID)

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  1. info: this is my first auction so forgive me if i make a mistake
    XMas Auction - DC of EMC Items And Promos

    items include: full 100k armor set, full marlix armor set, full independence armor set, 3 pots of gold 1 2013 haunted head, 1 2014 headless horseman mask, 1 magic eggcellent wand, 1 sharpshooter 100k bow, 1 lucky bow, 1 cupids bow, 1 chicken skewer 100k sword, 1 2013 holiday pick, 1 ore buster 60k pickaxe, 1 ham hacker, 1 avalauncher, 1 2015 labor bench, 2 2014 labor benches, 1 2014 emc birthday cake, 2 emergency snow clearing devices, 4 dragon stones, 1 2013 emc new years firework, 1 2014 emc new years firework, 2 2014 independence day fireworks, 1 tales of eternia book by aikar, 1 cooked turkey, and finally 1 maxarian head.

    the auction starting price is 250k

    the auction ends 48 hours after the last bid

    once the bid is over check out at /v +gm @ SMP6
  2. The photo doesn't look like a DC...
  3. its pretty close there are over 36 items, come check it out there is a preview sign on the chest
  4. ugh, why am i so infamous :mad: :(
  5. Yeeah it isn't a full DC, it has to fill all slots of the large chest. Sorry :/
  6. No it doesn't. Nothing there needs to be in DC amounts. All these items are fine except for the Dragon Stones. Need to have 8 minimum.

    Also its in the wrong section.

    And just some advise. Do not auction all this stuff as one. You will get far less then it's worth. Auction in single items or a few items max.
  7. auction is in the wrong section, and has to have a Min Bid Increasement,
  8. Beat you :p
  9. Fine, 800k, you happy now?
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  10. sorry this auction is cancelled since it broke the rules, if you want to purchase these items just meet me at my res and ill sell them individually.
  11. I'm going to send you a PM. Meanwhile, report this thread to ask it to be closed :)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.