XD Mega Mall

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  1. xothis_Dwarf and i have been working hard to complete the XD mega Mall located @9500 on smp4... we are almost done we just need to finish some stuff and then it will be open...(about a week or so)
    • To celebrate the opening we will be having a drop party... we need supplies so if u want to put ur head or something else in the drop party come to smp4 and contact me or Dwarf
    • We are also looking for suppliers so if you want to supply PM use(please include me and dwarf in the Convo 2013-09-02_12.22.04.png
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  2. Bumpz!!!!!
  3. X-othis D-warf
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  4. It's cool :)
  5. it looks kinda cool
  6. Thanks opening on 2 weeks on Saturday!